In her April 27 commentary, “Remember Serbia,” Theodora Olic laments that so few people know anything about the Republic of Serbia, formerly part of Yugoslavia. 

She writes about the Kosovo War in 1998 that she was “unfortunately part of.”  She continues by saying that she “was only 8 when all this was happening” and that her “parents wouldn’t explain anything” to her, saying that she was “too young to understand.”     

Theodora, you are still too young to understand. 

Nowhere in your commentary is there a single mention of  the war crimes that were perpetrated by your own countrymen.  Have you not heard about Slobodan Milosovic? As to your uncle with the sniper rifle, perhaps you haven’t heard of Milan Panic’s trip with Sam Donaldson and David Kaplan. Kaplan was assassinated by a Serbian sniper. 

When Panic was interviewed by a British journalist, he responded,  “A sniper gets $500 for killing a journalist.”

I suggest that you do some research before typing up any future commentaries.  One cannot explain away ethnic cleansing that occurred in the former Yugoslavia. 

It was genocide committed by many Serbians against Muslims, be they Bosnian or ethnic Albanian. Your piece is an insult to this proud institution of higher learning.  There should be a full retraction, formal investigation and full apology issued immediately in the next issue of Coast Report.


John Beyers, OCC student

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