Dear Editor

I have not seen the movie “God’s Not Dead” as did staff writer Jacob Patti, so I will have to rely on his veracity as to its theme.  

And if true, it would seem that his very article, in the April 23 edition of the Coast Report, proves the movie’s theme of Christianity under attack.

Mr.  Patti seems to lament that the movie “portrays that without God or Christianity you’re either a real prick or doomed to damnation.”

I can’t speak to the former (being a prick), but as to the latter, it is very true of Judaism, Christianity or Islam.  

All three will tell you that you need God to not be doomed.  

But as for Christianity in particular, it is the tenet of that faith that you are indeed doomed unless you accept Jesus as your savior.  Period.

That is what being a Christian is all about.  


Otherwise it means that you are not a Christian or that the faith is not for you.

Michael R. Sumners, Student

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