More important things than Kanye

The article, “Kanye West, the biggest jerk of this generation,” calls for a response, or at least an asterisk. 

One, Tony Lee’s article does not mention one of West’s several apologies for the MTV VMA incident — perhaps this was a deadline issue?  And two, Lee omits West’s other too-sensational media improvisation, that from a 2005 fundraiser for Hurricane Katrina victims. 

West’s nervous, angry, crazed rantings about President Bush and Katrina news coverage were a highlight, a needed moment, and they will forever overshadow a quasi-drunken/staged/who cares/MTV award show.

We live in strange times, an ever-increasing pop culture sphere of celebrity gossip, fueled on by more and more delighted entertainment reporters, who eagerly follow such stories more and more as that justifies their existence. 

Circular logic becomes hyperbolic.  Some has been made lately of rudeness in the news (interestingly, not a single Coast Report mention of Rep. Joe Wilson’s recent outburst in Congress). 

Zany footage matters more than the gravity of the event; face value is the only value in a plastic environment in a plastic surgery environment. 

We must temper our zeal for the trivial moments of nonsense, like the recent MTV awards, and celebrate the spontaneous minutes of greatness, like West’s Hurricane Katrina incident in 2005.  Go look at it on YouTube, as Lee says to do re: the Taylor Swift one.

Mason Malugeon

OCC student

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