Adaptive PE story hit the spot

Thank you for your story on the Adaptive Physical Education (APE) program that ran in the May 6 edition of Coast Report (“An old program is giving new hope”).

You interviewed my father, Ray Vanderpool, for the article and I am grateful for your work on the subject.

Were it not for Robin and the program, I’m sure the doctors mentioned in your article would have been right — my dad wouldn’t be alive today. But he is. And he’s stronger, healthier and more himself than he has been in years.

He looks forward to class and we can all readily see both the physical and the mental benefits of the program.

I honestly don’t want to even think of where my dad or my family would be today without Robin and the program.

I thank you for bringing attention to this low profile but highly effective program and the instructors and volunteers that make it possible.

Their work touches so many lives in ways I can’t begin to communicate in this short level. But I’d be remiss if I don’t say this — I’m so very proud of what my dad has accomplished with their guidance, support and frankly, love. The men and women of APE at OCC are heroes.

Christian Asis

Community member

Program deserves the attention

I would like to express my gratitude to Fernando Vazquez for his very thorough, articulate and respectful handling of the feature story last week, “An old program is giving new hope,” on the Adapted Physical Education (APE) Program here at Coast.

He and the photographer, Jamie French, spent many hours investigating the essence of the APE Program and the students who benefit from it.

The students who work so hard and the assistants who make it all possible do an incredible job and they are very proud to be a part of the APE team.

It was a pleasure having the opportunity to show them off.

Robin O’Connor

OCC Instructor

Speech team coverage dismal

I’m writing to your editorial staff to complain about the incredibly shoddy treatment you’ve given our National Champion Speech and Debate Team in your May 9 issue. Did that penetrate at all?

Best in the nation among all community colleges after a full year of commitment and work, not a season, not a game, a full year? Yet you give them only a blurry picture and a vague reference to a website for details.

Instead, your front page features a fashion show, an argument over who should pay for lost keys, and, of course, how could you possibly surrender column inches from such penetrating editorials as Going Vegan Is Surprisingly Yummy and Green  or World of Warcraft, etc.

You owe the Speech Department, its champion students, indeed, the entire Division of Literature and Languages a public apology.  

Michael Leigh

Professor Emeritus

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