The OCC (Coast Report) Editorial Board produced a good editorial on March 22, and then a bad one on April 5. The good one, titled “We don’t feel safe,” was a nicely measured request for calm and help from the administration in a trying time for the school and for our entire country. It was thoughtful, caring and well written.

The second one, titled “#notmyfaculty” was also well written but very disappointing. It blasted OCC and the faculty union for selecting Olga Cox as Faculty Member of the Year. They called the selection “pouring gasoline on a fire” and said it brought “severe scrutiny and backlash” to not just her but OCC altogether. Claiming that OCC has been labeled as caring “more for liberal professors and less about students’ voices.”

What students’ voices?! The harassing Republican club jerks do not represent the majority of “student voices.” The overwhelming majority of students, who are also liberal, support their liberal professors and their school. It seems the editorial board is cowering to right wing attacks from a club with a history of belligerence.

The faculty council bravely chose the fine, veteran professor Olga Cox as member of the year to make an important and bold statement against political harassment. The editorial board should have proudly celebrated that move instead of cowering to “such a fiery controversy.” Their job as the press is to go after and expose such controversy in the name of freedom of the press. Our great American constitution specifically sets up the press as our firewall against oppression. Students all over the planet have historically been warriors against the fire of harassment and repression. Especially in these United States, journalists cannot be cowards!

Dale Marcelle, OCC Staff

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