Well here we are at the end of the spring semester 2011, my last semester on campus for a while, which has motivated me to write this letter.

I am in my 60s now and haven’t been on campus for a few years, but what I have observed can best be summed up as, “Every semester — with regards to the OCC student body — seems to be better than the next.” In short, I am very disappointed in the quality of so many of the students ostensibly pursuing an education here at OCC.

I have confronted individuals on campus riding skateboards and even damaging some plants in the process. I assume they are unable to read the signs that prohibit skateboarding. I see plenty of students on campus wearing their ball caps backwards. I assume they have no clue as to why the bill was put onto the cap.

I hear them listening to rap music, which has a bad message and is not music at all (how many times have you heard anybody humming or whistling their favorite rap song). I assume they have no idea what music is and why it has been important to societies since the beginning of time.

I catch many of them following too close in their cars, and not even knowing how a four-way stop works. I assume they don’t have any interest in physics and the other disciplines that explain how the world works. And the California drivers’ manual is probably a bit over their heads also.

I read with interest a published letter to the editor regarding how the student restrooms are trashed beyond belief, which I have experienced firsthand. I assume it is because so many students have no understanding of their impact on the world, a trait usually associated with the lower animals.

And finally, I read with real interest your article on how the student government (ASOCC) used a double standard allocating conference attending funds to themselves but not to the Coast Report. My conclusion is that they were well on their way to becoming real politicians, whose main objective seems to be taking care of themselves.

I know the budget cuts that the community colleges here in California are experiencing are extremely difficult for both staff and students.  But every cloud has a silver lining. Perhaps the end result will be a more dedicated and worthy student body which will inject a more educated and productive group of individuals into our workforce — which is what the goal has been all along.


Frederick P. Kent


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I find it interesting that this person is one minded, if you don't like OCC, don't go here anymore. OCC's a great school with great people!

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