In the Sept. 19 edition of the Coast Report, Christian Ruiz penned an article titled, “Is Authentic Really Authentic?”

In this article, OCC architecture student Brisaida Padilla takes issue with a local Chinese restaurant, The Golden Dragon, having not just Chinese employees, but also Hispanics working in the back.  

Her reasoning appears to be that in order for Chinese food to be “authentic” the entire establishment must only hire employees of Chinese descent. Any establishment that would do such a thing is breaking U.S. fair employment laws.  

In reality, all ethnic food sold to Americans in the United States is authentic — authentic American food.  If one needs to eat authentic Chinese food then one should not be looking in the back of the restaurant but in the front of the restaurant.  English menus are meant to be read by English speaking Americans.  

Authentic Chinese food is only available on a Chinese-language based menu.  

In Beijing, you won’t find fortune cookies or chop suey.  Nor will you find American broccoli.  Instead of sweet and sour pork, you will find such delicacies as duck tongue.  Yum.  

But most importantly, I would like to invite all OCC students to visit the Golden Dragon.  

There is a reason it has been around for 30 years.  Please say, “hello” to Mama Chi and when you leave I know she will say, “See you tomorrow.”

John Beyers


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