Have you ever offered to share your home to a friend who is down on his luck?  And, perhaps, provided a space on the couch with sheets, blankets and even a pillow, so that the guest wouldn’t have to lie down on the cold tile floor? 

Many altruistic young people find themselves in a similar position, only to find that the guest has become the master. 

The couch is uncomfortable, so he demands your bed.  The food is tasteless, so he demands better fare.

This doesn’t just happen at home, it also happens here at Orange Coast College. A “so-called” free speech activist, Ryan Minardi, has basically done just that. 

He was allowed to gather signatures for a petition supporting a law that was passed against child molesters. 

However, he felt that he should not be required to stay within the confines of the free speech area in the OCC Quad.

So Minardi moved his booth outside the established free speech zone, conveniently ignoring the fact that he is, in fact, a visitor to OCC. 

When Campus Safety officers insisted that he move his booth back to the free speech zone, Minardi called the Costa Mesa Police Department claiming that his First Amendment rights were being violated. 

When the CMPD arrived, the officers told Minardi to leave the campus or be arrested for trespassing. 

A guest who will not respect the rules of the host, doesn’t deserve anything, except eviction — no matter what his convictions.

John Beyers

OCC student

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