Chris Rashidian must have slept through the first two-hour premiere of the new TV show “Terra Nova.” 

I enjoyed every minute of it and it delivered something new — a family line with believable characters and a very interesting premise for a story line. I felt like I was at the movie theater watching a new blockbuster but I didn’t have to pay $15 for my seat and $12 for a coke and popcorn. 

The direction of the show sure appealed to my tastes and I bet I was going to movies long before Chris was even born.  When the first two hour premiere ended I couldn’t wait a week to see the next episode, so I went on line to view coming attractions.  I was so intrigued that the two hours flew

by at warp speed.

I didn’t see any of the ideas from “Stargate: SGU,” “Lost” or “Jurrassic Park” in this new series, so I’m not really sure that Chris and I watched the same show.

In the future, like China right now, families will be limited as to the number of children that they can have and this was an intriguing peak into our collective future (and the distant past). Maybe Chris didn’t enjoy this because the body count (for humans) wasn’t high enough?  By the way, Chris, nobody swam naked in a like full of dinosaurs.

Dennis Kelly

OCC faculty

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