Proposition 8 would officially change the California Constitution to read “only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in the state of California.”

I could rant on this topic for pages, and I wish I could, because I do believe that it may be our civil rights issue for the 21st century.

The passage or non-passage of this amendment could set the stage for something drastic in our nation.

That doesn’t bother me at all, in fact. What bothers me is the inaccuracy coming from the “Yes on 8” campaign. The idea that priests, rabbis or pastors would become criminals if they did not perform same-sex marriages is simply not true.

Church leaders have always had the right to perform marriage for whomever they wish. That will not and has not changed since the Supreme Court’s May decision.

Also, the commercials keep alluding to the idea that schools will be forced to teach about same-sex marriage.

Well, the decision reached in the court did not include a mandate for a new educational curriculum.

I argue this not from my semi-extensive research, but from a lecture given by UCI’s new prestigious and acclaimed Law School Dean Erwin Chemerinsky last Wednesday.

Furthermore, the job of the court is to interpret the Constitution and to consider earlier decisions, and I point out that California’s Court has a conservative appointed majority and still reached this landmark decision.

“Tradition” can still be wrong—we proved that in the 1960s.

Justin Jason Decker


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