Dear Editor,

I am a fairly new student here at Orange Coast College, and I really enjoy the campus atmosphere.  

I like the colorful landscaping, the well-maintained facilities and there is plenty of lighting at night.  

One thing I have noticed repeatedly throughout the semester

is an apparent lack of safe driving practices by the campus

security department.  

The people driving on our sidewalks, in the SUVs with “Public Safety” brightly emblazoned on the sides, need to slow down when they are on the sidewalks.

They are sidewalks for pedestrians, not all sorts of vehicular traffic.  

I understand there are all sorts of valid reasons for the security teams to use the sidewalks with their vehicles — just slow down.  

Heck, I wouldn’t even say anything if I had seen an isolated incident or two, but almost every week this semester I have watched as these vehicles traverse the campus, not even braking when nearing pedestrians.  

It seems very cavalier of them to assume that people will hear the vehicle approaching and move out of the way in time.  

I have witnessed the Public Safety vehicles cutting cars off and taking the right of way at intersections when driving the parking lots.

If they have a real need to be driving through foot traffic on the sidewalks, then they have the responsibility to slow down.  

If they need to get across campus more quickly, then they should drive around using the roads and parking lots — safely.

—Mark Ragains, student

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