Taxes headed to Pakistani levels

No, I am not complaining about tax money going overseas. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton recently scolded the rich elite of Pakistan for not paying enough of their billions in taxes.

The richest Pakistani’s only pay nine percent in annual taxes causing widespread poverty.

The rich do meekly admit that their payback to society is far too low but are not likely to do much about it soon.

In the United States, the wealthiest earners were once taxed over 50 percent all the way up to the 1970s with no complaints.

America ran like a first class top, out producing and out consuming the entire world.

But tax initiatives in the ‘70s started eroding the tax base.

The richest Americans realized that the poor and middle class did not understand taxation.

Taxes, especially the taxes on the rich and the big corporations, support the entire society.

Just about everything from the police and fire protection we get to schools to libraries and trauma centers, to highways and infrastructure and even to social programs for cancer, kids and the poor like the homeless war veterans who gather every year in San Diego for help are tax supported.

The most recent war vets gathering was severely hit by tax cuts and thousands could not be helped.

But the wealthiest Americans figured out that with the help of the media that they own they could convince the dumb lower classes that taxes were “bad”.

Ronald Reagan, the president of the rich, came to power on such a mandate and he lowered taxes on the richest Americans down into the 20-something percent range.

The rich owned media attacked any politician who dared support a raise in taxes, but a good politician’s job is to tax the rich of the loot they have fleeced from the public and spend it on services to the masses.

“Tax and spenders” were vilified so hard by the press that slimy, conservative republicans who clearly represent the big corporations gained power.

All because of our ignorance of the benefits of taxation. We bought the sound bites and the slick, 30 second commercials trashing taxes.

Now the states, including California, are broke because they have been saving money for billionaires at the expense of firemen, kids and the sad, homeless war veterans. And our tax base is sliding down to Pakistan’s.

Let’s face it, the rich always win the class wars. But this time they are winning with our help.

I’m told that ignorance is not taxable — too bad.

Dale Marcelle

OCC Student and Author

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