Summer is rapidly approaching and it is time, now more than ever, to take a moment to breathe.

Over the course of the last semester or two, the country has been subjected to an undue amount of political and emotional strife. No time in recent memory have we seen a country so divided, and divided so aggressively at that.

Orange Coast College hasn’t been immune. Unfortunately, the Coast Report Editorial Board believes the college has not only failed to rise above it all but has indulged itself in it until it has become woefully sick.

Yes, a college is supposed to be the place that young minds go to be challenged and finally have a place to express thoughts freely. However, the degree to which some have practiced said free speech and the manner in which they have done so has led to a climate that is simultaneously chilly and ready to explode.

A campaign season, and now administration, that was so divisive and politically polarizing seems to have crept into the consciousness at OCC. The Coast Report Editorial Board believes this summer vacation should be used for more than a break from school or a time to lay at the beach — it is the time for us to try and move on.

No, we don’t want anyone to drop their principles and convictions. We do, however, strive for a more balanced and less hostile campus climate in the midst of you holding them.

Find a way to have your dearly held beliefs but do so in a way that isn’t perceived as a threat to those who disagree. Take this summer to find a moment of peace within the disruption.

The Coast Report Editorial Board hopes OCC will be met in the fall with a newfound sense of tolerance from each side of the bitter opposition.

No, your life is not over because a teacher insulted your political opinion. In the same breath, your life not is over because the teacher was filmed doing it either.

World peace may not be attainable, but hopefully OCC can attempt to be an example and take the first step right here at home.

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