A year has passed since the lives of 17 innocent children were taken by a person who should never have had access to a gun in the first place.

The death of those children in Parkland, Fla., should have been the wakeup call for all government officials to stand up and take action to make sure other lives couldn’t be unfairly taken away because of something that could be prevented.  

It has been a year full of protests, minimal government action and more deaths that should never have happened. This tragic event created a movement of people all over the country who protested, marched and begged for stronger gun laws that would ensure the safety of the future leaders of the U.S.

During these 12 months, we have seen students stand up for their right to live and we’ve seen people, even government officials, slowly forget about the awful event that took place on Feb. 14, 2018. However, student journalists are taking action to make sure the world does not forget about the Parkland shooting.

Student journalists from all over the country began reporting on all of the child gun deaths that have happened after Parkland. The project that they began called “Since Parkland,” exists to help show adults that they are failing the children in this country and that laws need to start changing.

The students who are contributing to this project are the heroes of today and they are the only ones who are reporting about the tragic deaths of the children who were victims of poor gun control.

According to the “Since Parkland” website, the purpose of the project is to share the lives of those who have passed instead of letting their death be a contribution to another statistic.

Since Parkland, over 1200 children have died due to lack of gun control and the lack of action taken by the government that is supposed to protect us.

The country needs more of these powerful and life changing projects that tell the adults that share their “thoughts and prayers” that we don’t care about their pity tweets because what our country really needs is change.

For now, the students of this country will have to be the ones to make a change and maybe one day our protests and our voices will be heard. Maybe the adults in charge will start to see how wrong they were for ignoring us.

Since Parkland, children and students continue to live in fear while those who can make a change are sitting in their safe and secure offices waiting for another opportunity to share their condolences.

The Coast Report Editorial Board wants action. We want to feel safe. We want change. We want adults to hear our cries for help. We want those in charge to open their eyes to see the fear in ours. We want to be able to get an education without fearing for our lives. We want kids to go back to being kids again.

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