News publishers in California have one brutal report after another of a child or an innocent person being killed by those who were supposed to be protecting them.

A new law that was passed in California requires reports of police involved shootings to become public information. According to released records, California has one of the highest police shooting rates in the United States. Before, the shooting records of police officer were concealed and were hidden from the public.

Family members are starting to ask for the release of body camera videos that were on the officers during the time of the shootings along with the reports.

For now, tragedy stricken families are able to obtain the records no matter the year however, some police unions are attempting to change this law. Lawsuits are being filed by a few unions that don’t want anything to be released and others are trying to only allow new records to be open to the public.

The Coast Report editorial board finds it disappointing that the people who are hired to uphold the law are actively trying to hide the truth that some of these families have been fighting to obtain for a decade or longer.

A lot of the deaths at the hand of police are swept under the rug and hidden from the outside world and none of those that are responsible are being punished for what they did.

Some of the officers are trying to save face by claiming that the victims were carrying guns or what looked like a weapon. We find it reprehensible to justify killing a child by saying that their green water gun looked like it was a deadly weapon. Just because you have a gun that is capable of taking someone’s life it does not mean you have to use that extent of force in every situation.

Deaths add up and show how much corruption and cold hearts are within the police system. Now that the records are released, many family members of the murdered are starting to get closure and a lot of them are beginning to take a stand against unnecessary police violence.

Justice needs to prevail and people need to know when it will be safe to walk around their neighborhoods or if they are in danger when they are driving a little too late at night.

The Coast Report editorial board is calling on the justice system to continue their efforts to stop letting these murderers walk free and keep their jobs.

Police need to have consequences to their mistakes and concealing the truth is only hindering families and the justice system from getting what the American public deserves.

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