We like to think of our colleges and universities as temples of knowledge, bastions of logic. But with facts under daily assault, we would hope that Orange Coast College would side with reason.

Tonight, the College Republicans will host a screening of the anti-abortion propaganda film “Unplanned” in the Science Hall followed by a panel discussion with students and speakers from the group Feminists for Life. By allowing the event to occur in a school facility, the school’s administration is giving the film and its viewpoints educational credibility.

This was further reinforced by the College Republicans themselves when they implied that the event would be offered as an extra credit opportunity in some classes.

By placing these views in an educational setting, both the school and the College Republicans are giving credence to ideas that are factually incorrect and are often harmful. Denying abortion access doesn’t mean that fewer abortions happen, it means more women die from complications after having an abortion.

The Coast Report Editorial Board believes the event should be allowed to happen but with some parameters. We firmly believe that the freedoms outlined in the First Amendment regarding free speech are sacrosanct and form one of the basic tenets of our democracy.

However, free speech doesn’t mean free from fact or consequences.

The Editorial Board feels that the event should continue as scheduled but that the school has a duty to also provide medically correct information regarding abortion. That way attendees can form their own views on the subject based on scientific data and a balance of perspectives.

The facts about abortion are not what is shown in the film. The complications depicted in the film occur in less than 0.5 percent of procedures.

Having a medication-induced abortion does not result in your home looking like a violent crime scene.

At 13 weeks, fetuses the same age as those shown in the film are physically incapable of feeling pain and therefore could not writhe and suffer.  Pain receptors don’t form in the brain until 24 weeks of development.

Planned Parenthood is a federally recognized nonprofit that provides low cost healthcare services to millions of women and men in this country. Only 3.4 percent of the services it provided last year were abortion related. It is not an evil empire greedily making a massive profit as an abortion factory.

In this era of fake news, determining fact from fiction is becoming increasingly difficult for many Americans.  The line between scientifically proven fact and propaganda needs to be drawn somewhere.

Shouldn’t our school at least try?

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