Orange Coast College campus overview

After many years spent attempting to transfer, the Editorial Board of The Coast Report finds itself surprised by how much we miss our campus.

Every community college student dreams of the day they graduate and move on to a four-year university, but in our haste we’ve overlooked the things that make Orange Coast College great.

But OCC isn't just a stepping stone to higher learning, it is in its own right a well-rounded quality education — in a rush for prestige we have overlooked the opportunities in our own backyard.

From the variety of programs and certificates to the vibrant arts and athletic departments to the knowledgeable faculty and staff, OCC is a wonderful place to come to school.

We Pirates have had a rough semester following the deaths of head baseball coach John Altobelli and his family and now we have weathered the campus closure and transitioned to an online-only format.

As we have watched our campus community come together during this crisis, the Editorial Board is not at all surprised by the heroic way OCC has responded.

From instructor Alexandria Yates supplying thousands of meals in a sustainable way to the Makerspace printing masks, OCC has more than met the challenges that we've all been dealt this semester.

After the passing of the Altobelli family, we saw the entire athletic department and the greater community come together to mourn the tear in our campus’ fabric.

Throughout our reporting over this semester, we’ve been genuinely bettered by the quality and diversity of the people we have met.

No matter what the story was, the concept of a Pirate family was brought up time and time again.

The themes of family, vulnerability, safety and togetherness wove themselves throughout our reporting at OCC.

As the world tilts on an uncomfortable axis, the Editorial Board finds comfort in our Pirate family’s strength and resilience.

If we've learned anything from "Game of Thrones” it is that the lone wolf dies but the pack survives. As a pack, we can get through this pandemic if we rely on each other.

So, after a forced separation from our campus, the only question we are left asking is why would you ever want to leave OCC?

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