Orange Coast College students are almost forced to be oblivious when voting for the Associated Students of Orange Coast College comes around.

As far as the Coast Report editorial board has seen, there has been close to no campaigning by the candidates who can potentially oversee and control $1.5 million of student money.

And perhaps because of that, last year only about three percent of the student body at OCC reportedly voted during the election.

There were eight students running for nine spots, which guarantees a spot for all of them, even if they are unqualified.

From what we have seen, other schools are focused on getting all of the student body involved in voting and knowing what the candidates are for and against by using flyers, booths, signs and more. To our knowledge, there has been nothing of that kind, or any kind, of promoting during the months leading up to last week’s election.

To be fair, students running for a senate seat are required to gather 50 signatures in support of their candidacy and speak to three large lecture classes and three small classes in addition to a few other must-dos. The candidates also answer two questions and their answers and photos are on the college’s website and run in the Coast Report.

Even so, student voters don’t have a real way of gaining useful knowledge about who to vote for and who would do the best for the people and not themselves. Some voters may not even know the names of any of the candidates, let alone what they stand for.

Perhaps candidates can try giving public speeches and show the students of OCC what they truly care about rather than not letting people know who they even are.

As the Coast Report editorial board, we want to make the student body more aware of what is happening on campus and of who is running it. We don’t know why there is close to zero information on who we are letting control the funding, or our clubs, and millions of student dollars.

We want to know the students who are supposed to be there for us and who are supposed to listen to our needs. We want people who will make real and positive change to our campus. We want people who will distribute the budget fairly and will put in effort to know the students who look to them for help.

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