Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton seems to be the only logical choice for this year's presidential election.

We're with her

After what feels like a century-long campaign that was mired more by controversy rather than substance, the Coast Report Editorial Board has come to a decision on how it should all end.

Hillary Rodham Clinton is the only choice for President of the United States.

When faced with the decision of who we, as the Coast Report Editorial Board, would throw our endorsement behind it did not come easily. The easiest part was, however, who we would not be endorsing.

The Coast Report could under no circumstances endorse Donald J. Trump for president.

A man as unbridled, unfocused and unprepared as Trump should never hold what is possibly the most powerful position on planet Earth.

Trump represents a threat to the American image we know today. The American image of inclusivity, tolerance and having a leader that is polished and professional is not an image that Trump exudes.

He disqualified himself when he prided himself on his braggadocios and brash behavior in and out of the boardroom.

Clinton, on the other hand, is the picture of professionalism. Through her decades in state and national politics, she has established herself as such. Clinton is the epitome of the establishment candidate — she is the establishment.

While in some election cycles the establishment may be shunned, Clinton’s firm position among them is the reason she is receiving this endorsement.

Picking Clinton means we are picking a candidate with experience over a candidate who has quite literally zero. Clinton’s experience as a senator and Secretary of State makes the Coast Report more, albeit tepidly, comfortable with her as the commander in chief.

She’s a policy wonk and while this may make her less personable, it’s preferred over someone who has no concrete policies to speak of.

She is a known quantity while Trump is a quantity that is dangerously unknown.

Perhaps the best way to phrase it is that we trust the devil we know over the devil we don’t.

It may seem that this isn’t a pristinely ringing endorsement of Clinton. That would be accurate.

Under different circumstances, with a different opponent, Clinton may have not received the endorsement.

Under these circumstances, however, she received it handedly. When faced with a choice between a candidate who makes us feel indifferent and a candidate who inspires rage — we choose indifference and we choose Clinton.

Vote the props

Prop 51: School Funding

The Coast Report Editorial Board is in favor of voting yes on Proposition 51.

The ballot initiative will allocate $9 billion in the form of bonds to help improve existing and construct new schools whether it be K-12 or community colleges.

As part of a community college, we believe funding such as this could aid our campus.

Prop 56: Cigarette Tax

The Coast Report Editorial Board is in favor of voting yes on Proposition 56.

The proposition will increase the taxation on a single pack of cigarettes by $2 and raise taxes on tobacco related products, such as electronic cigarettes, by an equal proportion.

As an editorial board we believe this proposition will be beneficial for a multitude of reasons including being a potential deterrent for smoking and another being the ability to get more revenue out of it.

Prop 59: Overturn Citizens United

The Coast Report Editorial Board is in favor of voting yes on Proposition 59.

The proposition will simply suggest that California lawmakers take action to overturn the case of Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission through, perhaps, a constitutional amendment.

The Supreme Court decision established that campaign contributions were protected under the First Amendment. We support a yes vote on Proposition 59 because the Supreme Court decision gives too much power to Super PACs and the rich.

Prop 60: Condoms in Porn

The Coast Report Editorial Board is in favor of voting no on Proposition 60.

The proposition, titled Condoms in Pornographic Films, will require by law that actors in adult films do just as the title suggests— use condoms.

The Coast Report believes that the government should not interfere in what adult film actors choose to do in their scenes. Specifically, we believe that two consenting adults should be able to choose their level of protection.

Prop 62: Repeal of the Death Penalty

The Coast Report Editorial Board is in favor of voting yes on Proposition 62.

The proposition, as the name says, will repeal the death penalty law currently on the books and make the maximum sentence life without parole.

The Coast Report believes that the death penalty is not necessary and perhaps immoral. It’s unnecessary due to costs to taxpayers that comes with both housing and ending the lives of inmates.

Prop 63: Background Checks for Firearms

The Coast Report Editorial Board is in favor of voting yes on Proposition 63.

The language within the proposition will ban the sale of large-capacity ammunition and make it a requirement for some buyers to pass a background check to purchase any ammunition.

The Coast Report believes that is only responsible to require someone to pass a background test before purchasing something so deadly — especially in today’s climate.

Prop 64: Legalization of Marijuana and Hemp

The Coast Report Editorial Board is in favor of voting yes on Proposition 64.

Simply put, the passage of this proposition will make the recreational use of marijuana legal for those 21 years of age or older.

The Coast Report is in favor of this proposition passing because we believe it would help regulate the product in a safer manner. We also, like the cigarette tax, see an opportunity to gain revenue.

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"He disqualified himself when he prided himself on his braggadocios and brash behavior in and out of the boardroom,"
And what, Hillary didn't with the 2010 Haiti earthquake foundation scam (keeping over 90% of the donations) or selling U.S. uranium through Uranium One to Russia or saying that black people are super predators or attacking 12 year old rape victim Cathy Shelton for "coming onto" the 40 year old man who dragged her off her bike into his truck while defending him in court or lying about the Benghazi attack to the dead's families when it's came out in congressional session that she knew all along the attack was not because of an anti-islamic video or how she lied to the American people that she had no classified documents on her private email server or that she gets major campaign donations from countries that throw gays off roofs and keep women as slaves like Saudi Arabia and Bahrain? Or is that why the Coast Report likes her so much? I think I see how it is... You guy's deserve to have Clinton 2.0 as president.

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