The OCC pantry needs help

Campus administrators say a surprising number of homeless athletes, single mothers and underprivileged students depend on the Orange Coast College Food Pantry to survive.

The food pantry helps students with economic and academic barriers by providing food, toiletries and baby items.

Although other aspects of EOPS require specific qualifications, the food pantry is open to all OCC students who may need it.

As an editorial board, we once again are inclined to look to the administration for an explanation as to why this program lacks the proper resources to attend to students' needs.

Pantry coordinators have recently expressed concern over a lack of donations and funds which they rely on to keep the program afloat. Furthermore, very few people on campus are aware of its existence.

We call on our fellow classmates and peers who are a part of the OCC community and recognize that there are students on campus in need of our help. Any donation, no matter how small or big, could have a massive impact.

Similarly, we call on the administration at OCC to harness the importance of the food pantry so that students can focus on their education instead of their next meal.

Donations can be submitted to the pantry which is located at the Student Equity office in Watson Hall room 205. Healthy and nutritious canned and boxed foods, as well as basic toiletries and feminine hygiene products are just a few items the pantry needs.

It’s easy in a school of 25,000 people for a program with no system of advertising to fall through the cracks. The administration can help by giving more visibility to this important program and aid those who are struggling and starving.

If you truly believe in each student's equal and fair opportunity to learn and flourish, the OCC food pantry needs your help.

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