PERSPECTIVE: My COVID-19 experience

My experience with COVID-19 has definitely changed from when I first learned about it a year and a half ago. I remember in January 2020 when news broke about the coronavirus and thought the whole thing was funny. It originated in China and I remember saying that it will never make its way to the United States. 

I wasn’t ignorant about the pandemic, but I also never thought I would come in contact with it – especially nearly two years later.

I have been an athlete since the day I was old enough to even remember what life is. I have always been active and eating clean so being concerned with getting the virus has never been an issue. COVID-19 has been a big issue since it began in the United States, but I felt with my young body and always living a healthy lifestyle I never thought it would affect me as bad as it did. I felt  fortunate enough to never really worry about whether I got the virus or not because I figured I wouldn’t show any symptoms. 

When I became infected with the virus on Sept. 10,  I was going through stages of severe symptoms. At first, I honestly didn’t feel too bad. I did have a sore throat developing for a few days before I went and got tested, but I thought it would just come and go. I then had a fever and could barely get out of bed for four days. I had to email all of my professors and tell them I wasn’t sure how much work I was going to be able to do. Luckily, all of my professors were super supportive and understanding and I’m very grateful and appreciative for that. Eventually, after 72 hours of dealing with a fever and a sore throat and losing my smell, I felt pretty much back to normal minus a headache. 

There were days where I would think I was starting to feel better and I would get hit with another symptom that would knock me out for the day. An example of this is when I thought I was starting to feel better and then I had a migraine that lasted 24 hours. 

I am still dealing with the COVID-19 as I write this. I haven’t shown any symptoms in over 72 hours, but a rapid test has shown me that I am still positive. I am not allowed on campus or to be at work for another two weeks. 

I currently don’t have the vaccine as I never really got around to getting it. However, after dealing with this experience that has taken me off campus and out of athletics, I will now be working hard to find time to get the vaccine. I encourage you all to do the same. 

The vaccine will continue to be a good option alongside wearing your mask and following social distancing. We all need to come together in order to stay on top of this pandemic because it is not over.

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