‘Bachelor’ an addicting farce

“The Bachelor,” is so mind boggling­ — I don’t even know where to begin.

With the current bachelor, Peter Weber, slipping, shattering a glass and cutting his forehead in one episode, it is just a great metaphor for Weber seemingly self-sabotaging this season.

I mean, did Weber really choose the number of children he wants based on having an even number of people to ride roller coasters?

Do people actually fall in love on this show or do they just need a therapist?

During the first three episodes I enjoyed Weber’s ignorance about how his actions affected the women this season.

As the season draws to a close, Weber’s second guessing and lack of awareness is getting frustrating.

“I can definitely see a future with her,” seems to be Weber’s motto and him saying, “This date was the best date I’ve ever had,” now lacks impact.

This is the first season of “The Bachelor” I’ve seen and I am sensing a theme.

This is how a typical date goes on “The Bachelor” — Weber said he wants the girl to open up to him more and the contestant is excited to get close to Weber.

During a dinner date, the contestant opens up about something like her parents’ divorce while Weber listens.

Weber reveals only that he loves his family and is a pilot, before saying that he feels super confident in the relationship. The woman feels very confident with the date but is somehow dumped a day later.

The whole dynamic dehumanizes the people into characters, shows little racial diversity and brings us back to insane gender norms.

What was considered radical was when Madison Prewett, one of the three final women, told Weber that if he planned to propose, then she would rather he not have sex with the two other contestants.

Weber’s disappointment was uncomfortable even though Prewett warned him. It was a red-flag that Weber wasn’t ready to be anyone’s husband.

We all know that reality TV is fake to a certain extent but I forget it while watching a fight over champagne, when I start to say “OK. Yeah. She’s my least favorite.” This is after watching maybe five minutes of a highly edited version of a real person.

Nevertheless, I’m sucked in.

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