EDITORIAL: Bonta, Porter, Petrie-Norris our picks for 2022 midterm elections

The Coast Report Editorial Board has decided who we support in key Southern California 2022 midterm races. 

CA United States House 47

The Coast Report Editorial Board endorses incumbent Democrat Congresswoman Katie Porter as the Congressional representative for California’s 47th district

Porter’s history shows she has taken far more steps than Republican Scott Baugh to make a positive impact on California residents.

Baugh said he would never support abortion in an interview with NBC News, and maintains that life begins at conception. Though it’s his right to have his opinions about abortion, it’s crucial for everyone to have their choices as well. 

Porter is pro-choice, supporting reproductive autonomy for citizens’ own bodies. She has sponsored multiple organizations and bills that defend reproductive rights to abortion, access to birth control, and making reproductive health care more accessible. 

Baugh also claimed he would vote against the Respect for Marriage Act, which supports same sex-marriage. 

“Fundamentally, I believe marriage is between a man and a woman,” Baugh said in the same interview with NBC News.

This rhetoric is harmful to the LGBTQ+ community and illustrates the kind of politician Baugh is. Coast Report cannot and will not endorse a candidate who excludes marginalized groups from personal and basic rights such as marriage and bodily autonomy. 

Porter also funded the College Affordability Caucus, which aims to help people get out of student debt and lower the skyrocketing price of college education. 

Baugh believes forgiving student loans is a punishment to those who do not have them, and resents those who are making steps towards that. 

“[President Joe] Biden and Porter are destroying the American dream,” Baugh said via website. 

Coast Report believes it is extremely important to elect an official who defends everyone’s right to education without going into extreme financial hardship. 

Porter not only is more qualified than Baugh because she has taken more legislative steps to improve quality of life for all Californians, she has also not made her support exclusive to a certain gender or financial status.

Attorney General 

Incumbent Democrat Rob Bonta is the Coast Report Editorial Board’s choice for California’s Attorney General

Though Republican Nathan Hochman has not said anything harmful to make Coast Report fiercely oppose him, he also has not been as open as Bonta about his views on certain issues. 


“Equitable access to education is critical for the well-being of our students and our communities,” Bonta said in a press release from the California Department of Justice. “We can’t allow the legacy of historical discrimination to perpetuate a two-tiered society of the haves and have-nots. Education is the gateway to the American Dream.”

Bonta has made it clear he is in students’ corner, while Hochman has not, making Bonta the Coast Report Editorial Board's choice for attorney general. 

CA State Assembly 73

For the California State Assembly District 73 race, Coast Report is in favor of incumbent Democrat Cottie Petrie-Norris because of her passion for the community and the impact she cares so much to make. 


Republican Steven Choi has made it clear in interviews with Coast Report that he does not prioritize the future of our citizens, based on his responses about climate change and inflation on college students.

Choi expressed concern about the cost of combating climate change, and did not address any possibilities for how he may work towards climate action. Though it is fair to consider the cost of fighting certain issues, it is a disservice to young voters to disregard the future of their planet because it would cost money.

He also expressed that he does not support excess scholarship expansions because it will cause financial strain on everyone. 

Petrie-Norris is a politician in touch with sensitive issues people struggle with in their daily lives – she cares deeply about climate action to improve the state of California. 

She aims to prevent hazardous conditions such as wildfires, droughts,  flooding and harmful practices such as offshore drilling

Petrie-Norris also advocates for inflation relief checks for Californians, aiding them through times where they may struggle to eat or pay rent. 


Coast Report is in favor of someone who wants to take action when they see these issues, rather than writing them off immediately because it may take some funds and effort. 

Editor’s Note: Coast Report is covering 2022 election races and proposition issues that are expected to have a meaningful impact on our audience, change the balance of power in government and/or be particularly compelling and competitive. Coast Report’s election coverage is intended to inform voters – specifically OCC student voters – and promote the democratic process of free and fair elections. 

The Coast Report Editorial Board consists of the section editors. One member of the editorial board writes the editorial and this rotates throughout the semester. 

Editorial topics are pitched by all members of the board and a single topic is selected for each editorial. Each editorial board member votes on their position on the selected topic and the majority position becomes that of the editorial. In the event of a tie on the first vote, editorial board members engage in continued discussion and state the reasons for their initial vote. A second vote is then taken and the majority position becomes that of the editorial. 

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