Skip the festivities and think about others this year instead

This year let’s make it a priority to think about our families as we prepare to celebrate the holidays. The days of large social gatherings should be well behind us as the COVID-19 pandemic rages on. 

With cases skyrocketing across the nation, the Coast Report Editorial Board advises students to carefully evaluate whether or not attending a gathering is worth it. California is experiencing repercussions of the second wave of infections following eased restrictions in September, allowing places of worship, movie theaters, and indoor dining and shopping to reopen. 

With the holiday season approaching amid the rise in cases, the concern is only going to heighten. Air travel leading up to Thanksgiving has seen its highest numbers since March 16 with over 3 million people passing through airport security between Friday and Sunday. 

It’s hard to imagine celebrating the holidays without your entire family, but would you rather put them or yourself at risk? We have to make the best out of the situation as we continue to work toward moving past the pandemic. 

Holding large gatherings will do nothing to prevent the spread. Our concern shouldn’t be focused solely on avoiding family gatherings — avoid attending “friendsgiving” and other similar events as well. 

After seeing the anti-curfew protests in Huntington Beach, there’s no reason to expect cases to diminish. With the county already experiencing a significant surge, and a record high in Orange County on Friday with 1,169 cases reported, it's time to reevaluate how we’re handling the pandemic.

Those who choose to hold gatherings can do as they wish, but if you have any sliver of concern just avoid holiday parties altogether. We will always have next year. 

If your plans include celebrating with members outside of your nuclear family, do so in a safe manner. Attempt to practice social distancing, eat outside if possible, and separate tables. 

We all want to see our friends and family, but it has become too hard to gauge whether or not it is an acceptable response based on the current state of the pandemic. 

For this year, the editorial board advises students to celebrate Thanksgiving at home, away from your loved ones and friends as a means to keep the ones we cherish most safe.

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