EDITORIAL: Coast Report endorses Park, Foley for OC Board of Supervisors

The Coast Report Editorial Board is endorsing Sunny Park and Katrina Foley for the Orange County Board of Supervisors in their respective district races. 

The Board of Supervisors is the executive governing body for Orange County. Its members serve for four-year terms and represent around 600,000 Californians per district. It functions through appointing members to boards, committees and commissions as well as having power over budgeting for transportation and public amenities. 

Orange Coast College and surrounding areas fall within the newly created fifth supervisorial district. This area is currently represented by 2nd District Supervisor Katrina Foley who has been in office since early 2022. Foley was endorsed by the Coast Report Editorial Board in her previous run for supervisor and we have again decided she is our choice for Supervisorial District 5. 

Foley’s past contributions to Orange County and specifically to Costa Mesa stood out when members of our editorial board discussed the race for District 5. On Nov. 1, Foley and her team distributed thousands of $100 gas cards to OC residents in an effort to ease the damages felt by recent surges in gas price. 

Our beliefs as a board also reflected the beliefs of Foley’s campaign She has shown full support in expanding access to reproductive health care and for combating the growing effects of climate change.

Supervisorial District 4 is currently represented by Doug Chaffee who has been chairman of the board since November 2018. Our editorial board has voted not to endorse the incumbent and rather Sunny Park, the first Asian-American Pacific Islander elected mayor of Buena Park. 

Park worked closely with first responders and her community during the pandemic. During the Obama Administration she received the Presidential Gold Medal for Volunteerism for her work with people in need. She has also openly discussed her frustration with the overturning of Roe v. Wade and has promised to work towards combating climate change. 

We endorse Park and Foley for Orange County Board of Supervisors because of their values, records and contributions to the OC community. 


Editor’s Note: Coast Report is covering 2022 election races and proposition issues that are expected to have a meaningful impact on our audience, change the balance of power in government and/or be particularly compelling and competitive. Coast Report’s election coverage is intended to inform voters – specifically OCC student voters – and promote the democratic process of free and fair elections. 

The Coast Report Editorial Board consists of the section editors. One member of the editorial board writes the editorial and this rotates throughout the semester. 

Editorial topics are pitched by all members of the board and a single topic is selected for each editorial. Each editorial board member votes on their position on the selected topic and the majority position becomes that of the editorial. In the event of a tie on the first vote, editorial board members engage in continued discussion and state the reasons for their initial vote. A second vote is then taken and the majority position becomes that of the editorial. 

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