OPINION: Why the Democratic Party is failing to come through when it matters most

The current political structure and atmosphere in the United States is disappointing, and it isn’t going to change anytime soon. 

Party politics have extinguished any hope I may have had for meaningful change being made in this country. 

When both sides can never admit their wrongdoings, there’s an issue. In America, that’s just normal. 

How long have we heard about the minimum wage needing to be raised and how long has the answer been that once there was a Democratic majority, change would be made? 

So why was it only two weeks ago that the Democrat-controlled Senate shut down the minimum wage bill, during a time when the majority of the country is struggling to just stay afloat?

Yes there’s an argument that can be made that Democrats who voted no were from red and purple states and were simply protecting themselves from repercussions.

But that doesn’t matter. A politician's job shouldn’t be focused around getting re-elected. 

Enacting meaningful policy is far more important than protecting your base.

Why was the backlash reduced down to a whisper with Democrats hardly realizing their wrongdoing?

In politics, many people are guilty of confirmation bias, in which their party can never be wrong. You might think, “no, a Democrat wouldn’t vote against supporting minimum wage. That's preposterous.” But it is the truth. 

Eight Democrats voted against the senate bill, this wasn’t the Republican Party's doing. 

Politicians act like they care on the surface, but when it comes down to it, they’re often in it for themselves. 

Sen. Krysten Sinema is a prime example of this. In 2014 she tweeted in support of raising the minimum wage from $7.25, where it still sits today. So how, more than seven years later, can she nonchalantly give a thumbs down to the idea of raising it? 

When in the last seven years did she get the idea that people no longer needed help in the middle of an economic crisis that has resulted in 45 out of America’s 50 biggest companies actually turning profits? 

Politicians have failed Americans and their political parties have done nothing to help. Until there is a shift in the way we vote, policy will continue to stagnate. 

Year in and year out it feels like the Democratic Party leaves out a large portion of its voters, failing to appease progressives who make up around 47% of the Democratic Party .

This is led by the party electing members of the “progressive old guard” to the highest positions. While this group may align itself with progressive ideals, they often avoid going too far left and attempt to attract more moderate white swing voters in the Midwest. 

Joe Biden is considered to be a part of this group and to this point his presidency has so far shown his plan to avoid  moving too far left in terms of policy. 

During his campaign Biden ran with the idea of forgiving student debt. Early into his presidency however, he rejected the idea of forgiving $50,000 of student loan debt per borrower. 

His reasoning for this lacked logical sense, citing that he didn’t plan to forgive the debts of borrowers from elite schools. 

The graduates from these schools, however, rarely graduate with debt.

Until politicians look to appease members who may lie outside of the center of their party and enact policy that genuinely affects everyone for the better, we will likely continue on the same dismal path that we’re on.

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