Casey Costello

Pitcher Casey Costello red shirted his first season at OCC and has grown into a dominant force on the mound. Costello, 20, hopes to transfer to a Division 1 college to pursue baseball and his degree in communications.

Pirate pitcher Casey Costello is a man of many talents.

In addition to becoming a top pitcher for the 2016 Pirates baseball squad after red shirting two seasons ago, he is also a guitarist, a singer and an Orange Coast College student who hopes to transfer to a top Division 1 school.

Costello, 20, has matured both as a player and as a person since arriving at OCC three years ago and is looking at his future realistically but with hope.

It all started for Costello in Palm Springs where he started playing baseball the second he learned how to walk.

After a high school career in Palm Springs Costello knew all along that he wanted to go to a community college because of the many benefits it can offer. He decided that Orange Coast College was a perfect fit for both his educational and athletic desires.

“I didn’t really know what I wanted to do yet and junior college is a good way to save money,” Costello said. “My family and I had been to OCC a couple times and I really loved the area.”

Even though Costello loved the area and OCC, he said he wanted to make sure that he could play baseball before making his decision final.

“I was in contact with the coaches before I made a decision because I still wanted to play baseball and I knew OCC is one of the top junior college baseball programs in the nation,” Costello said.

Since making the decision to come to OCC for baseball Costello has been a big part of the Pirates’ success.

Head coach John Altobelli pointed out that Costello has not only taken huge strides in the physical aspect of his game but has also shown a big growth in maturity and leadership.

“He’s gotten bigger and stronger. He used to be a really quiet guy but is now a young man that you can have an adult conversation with,” Altobelli said. “He has really matured and taken charge.”

Altobelli said he expects Costello to come out and compete every time he is on the mound and knows that he will give the team a shot to win every time.

Costello throws four pitches but mentioned that his changeup is probably his strongest pitch.

When Costello isn’t playing baseball he is playing guitar and singing with friends  he has known since his sophomore year of high school. He plays with some of his close friends and they have performed at bars or smaller venues.

Costello also just hangs out around the OCC area. He lives in an apartment just off campus with some of his baseball teammates. He said their go to spot to grab some food is Mr. Pickle’s sandwich shop.

Costello realizes that he is in a position to be recognized by Division 1 schools and wants to take advantage of that opportunity.

“My goal right now is to play Division 1 baseball,” Costello said. “In a perfect world I would like to play for Cal State Fullerton or Nebraska.”

Even though playing Division 1 would be a huge accomplishment for Costello, he still wants to continue to improve his game in order to play as long as he can.

He is humble and realizes it’s going to be tough to be drafted in to the MLB but that also doesn’t mean he isn’t going to try.

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