Steve Casey

Former Orange Coast College student and athlete Steve Casey returned to the college this semester as the crew assistant coach. Casey, a UC San Diego graduate, hopes to inspire his student-athletes to progress to the next level like he did.

Steve Casey first came to Orange Coast College as a student athlete. He’s now back as assistant crew coach, and ready to pass along the characteristics his own former coaches, Dave Grant and Jim Jorgensen, instilled in him, to his own students.

During his time at OCC, Casey acquired the necessity to inspire his athletes to go on to top academic and athletic universities.

“You must be able to manage your time properly in order to compete at the highest collegiate level,” he said. “Time management, focusing on your goals and what you want to accomplish are most important to be successful.”

After graduation from the University of San Diego, Casey traded Southern California for Southern Florida for seven years in order to implement his coaching skills at a top preparatory school, Pine Crest. During his time there, Casey managed to send an average of about half a dozen students to top Ivy League universities per year — a feat that even he admits is not easy.

“There are few states in our nation that do not even send one. Our program managed an average of six or seven a year,” he said.

It was at Pine Crest where Casey was able to see what a student-athlete who is self-motivated and driven can do for themselves and their future.

Along with coaching at Pine Crest Preparatory for seven years, Casey has also coached at UC San Diego and the University of Central Florida.

“It’s all about relationships and connection with your athletes,” Casey said. “Having common traits with athletes helps me a lot.”

Casey was born in Seattle, Washington, and rowed for his high school before choosing to move to Southern California and attend Orange Coast College.

“My only opportunity to row in college was at OCC,” he said.

At Coast, he attracted the attention from division one universities — his own experience is an example to his athletes to what they, too, can accomplish.

Although from a division one college backround, Casey isn’t waiting around to be offered a coaching role at a larger institution.

 “Nah. No head coaching for me,” he said. “I just want to inspire the kids and help make their boats go faster.”


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