Louis Condevaux is a tight end for the 2015 Pirates football team but unlike any other player on this year’s roster, Condevaux came from France to play for Orange Coast College.

He is 20 years old, taking 16 units, and is majoring in psychology.

Condevaux grew up in Lyon, France and lived there his whole life until January when he decided to attend OCC. Many people would think that he would struggle with the English language but he is very well-spoken.

“I had a coach in France that was from Huntington Beach and when I told him I wanted to play football he told me about OCC,” Condevaux said.

Condevaux lives across the street from the school and is  excited about the opportunities that could come from living in America.

“I just wanted to play football. I want to see new things, I love to travel and I have never been to America before,” Condevaux said.

Condevaux has played football most of his life but notes that football is different in France.

“It is less developed (in France)than America with some semi-pro leagues but people aren’t paid so it doesn’t really help to make it bigger,” Condevaux said.

He has also played soccer, rugby and done kickboxing.

Condevaux’s favorite NFL team is the Cincinnati Bengals but he tries to model his game after pro bowl wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald.

He loves the way Fitzgerald plays the game and admires how humble he is.

When asked about his academic plans after OCC, Condevaux said he is unsure, but hopes to be able to have the opportunity to continue playing football.

“If I can keep playing football that would be nice. It’s just all very different from France,” he said.

This year he would love for their team to achieve their ultimate goal of winning a championship.

“I’m excited about playing at the next level and learning new things from my coaches. I really just want to get some reps in and have fun with my teammates,” Condevaux said.

He loves California so far and credits it to the good weather and nice people. Although he is enjoying his time here, he misses his friends, family, the food and his girlfriend in France.

“I really miss any home cooked food that my mom would make,” Condevaux said.

After he finishes college here, Condevaux plans on moving back to France.

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