Eden Makaafi

OCC women's soccer player Eden Makaafi

A stellar offensive performance on the pitch this season has earned Orange Coast College women’s soccer freshman forward Eden Makaafi a student-athlete feature. 

Makaafi is the OCC women’s soccer team leader in goals, points and shooting percentage. In the Orange Empire Conference (OEC), she ranks third in goals and fourth in points. 

In the last week of the season, Makaafi netted a total of seven goals, four of which were scored during the second-half of the last game of the season on Nov. 12. 

This week, Makaafi shared her experiences as a student-athlete and her future aspirations. 

Ten questions with Eden Makaafi:

At what age did you start playing soccer? 

I was three years old. 

Who would you say has had the biggest impact on your soccer career?

Either my parents or my coach back in Idaho. 

What improvements have you made over the last season that you are most proud of?

Offensively, I used to be super timid going toward the goal. I used to never score goals, I would just pass the ball off to someone else. I think my confidence definitely improved this season for sure.  

Do you have any pre-game or post-game rituals? 

I always have to put my left sock and my left shoe on before my right, and I twist my hair instead of braiding it. I like listening to “Love Sosa” by Chief Keef. It’s really explicit, but that’s definitely one of my favorites that gets me going. 

What has been your favorite part about being on this OCC women’s soccer team? 

Definitely making friends with my teammates. Our chemistry is seriously something else. I met them all in July, and we have been hanging out ever since. We spend time together even outside of soccer, so it’s been pretty cool.  

If you could play a one-on-one game against anyone in the world, who would it be and why? 

I know I would lose badly but probably Messi. I feel like I would learn so much from him. It would be against him or Carli Lloyd and Alex Morgan for sure. 

What is your favorite professional soccer team?

I don’t really have a team; I root for everyone. I watch the USA women’s soccer team and the Canadian women’s team. They are really good. I just like watching good soccer. 

Why did you decide to play soccer at OCC after attending high school in Idaho?

I wasn’t even going to play soccer, but my mom encouraged me to just go out and see how it was. I saw the girls, made some good friends and decided to stay. I just wanted to get away from Idaho because I have been there most of my life. I felt like I needed a change and Orange County was the place to be. 

If you weren’t playing soccer, what sport could you see yourself playing at the college level? 

Probably basketball. I used to play basketball in high school, and I had a couple colleges looking at me. I’m not good. I only like defense – that’s it. I do not have a good shot. 

Where do you hope to see yourself after your time at OCC is over? 

This season I coached little kids and really loved it, so I think coaching soccer for little kids or being a teacher. I am currently studying childhood development. I think that inspiring little kids to get out there and have fun is something really special, so probably something along those lines. 

Makaafi and the Pirates ended their season fourth in the OEC conference (4-8-2) on Nov. 12 following a 7-1 win over Santa Ana College

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