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OCC women's basketball head coach Sammy Doucette's podcast, "Coaching Mud," is available on Apple and Spotify. 

As the pandemic continues, Orange Coast College women’s basketball head coach Sammy Doucette, added a new hobby: beginning her very own podcast. 

The podcast,“Coaching Mud,” centers around interviews with various coaches from all levels across the nation and so far has 14 recorded episodes on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

“The assistant coaching mud, [is described] as any tasks that you have to do assigned by your head coaches, or the grunt work,” Doucette said. “Those kinds of things are considered the mud, which you don’t typically have to do once you become a head coach.”

Focusing on how these coaches got through the “mud” is one of the main premises of the podcast, as Doucette looks for insight on how coaches have handled the obstacles that present themselves on their way to the top. 

“We all have different journeys in our coaching careers. There’s no right way to do it; there’s no single path,” Doucette said. 

The podcast’s target audience is either coaches or those with aspirations to eventually coach. 

Creating a podcast came easy for Doucette using the program Anchor, an all-in-one platform designed to create and distribute podcasts for free. 

A simple tweet that asked if any coaches were interested in being interviewed for the podcast helped Doucette find many of her early interviewees. 

“Once I had all these people that were just so willing to speak to me, I decided that I’ve got to go through with it now,” Doucette said.

With some of her early guests, Doucette was able to create new conversations with coaches she had never met. Some notable guests have included University of Northern Colorado's assistant coach Jana Pearson, and two-time NSAA Coach of the Year winner Dennis Hutter who’s coached at Mayville State University for the past 15 seasons.

While having a podcast is something Doucette can now add to her list of accomplishments, it isn’t something she sees herself doing for the foreseeable future. 

“I started this because I have nothing going on – I’m at home,” Doucette said. “I don’t want anyone to think this is something I take too seriously. I already made a promise to myself that if I feel like it’s starting to take away from my coaching, or my teaching, then I need to slow down or stop doing it.”

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