OCC Soccer 1

The Orange Coast College Pirates men’s soccer team defeated the Cypress College chargers 3-0 on April 1 for their first win of the exhibition season. 

The 4-3-3 formation and collective pressing was effective, allowing the Pirates to score two goals in the first 20 minutes (6',17') allowing them to lead 2-0 at the break. The Pirates finished the Chargers in the 67' minutes with a goal from a corner. 

The Pirates applied the basic rules of the 4-3-3, which is the three-man central midfield that dominates the possession with passing triangles and the three forwards who can keep a constant pressure on the defense. If used and played on point, the opponent will find it hard to get or keep the ball. 

The key of the second half was played in two areas: the midfield and the goal.

The very precise interventions of sophomore midfielder Eric Amantea, and the decisive saves of freshman goalkeeper Luke Fyvie kept the Chargers’ score sheet blank. 

The third goal scored on corner came in the last 30 minutes of play (67') resulting in a final score of 3-0 and a first victory for the Pirates in this unofficial scrimmage. For this abbreviated season, stats are unofficial and games are only considered scrimmages.

"It was a very good game with a lot of fighting from the boys. It's very positive for the whole team after our loss against Santiago Canyon. It feels amazing to be back on the pitch and play again," said Tino Verone, freshman and OCC striker.

The key to the game for the Pirates was their formation, the 4-3-3. In possession, the 4-3-3 allows at least seven players to attack, as the wide forwards pressure the defense, the full backs come up behind them and two of the central midfielders push forward. 

“We played a flat 4-3-3 and it worked beautifully. Everybody knew how to play and you could see it. We were in place and got control of the ball almost all the game,” Amantea said.

“I’m very satisfied with the team and all the players. They did a tremendous job in both defensive and offensive plays and I can’t wait to see them play again,” said Kevin Smith, coach of the OCC men’s soccer team.

The Pirates will play the Chargers again at home on April 16.

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