Brady may now be a Buc

Tom Brady will be leaving the New England Patriots for the upcoming season.

It’s been just six days since the MLB, NHL or NBA last held a contest. The Yankees matched up against the Nationals last week, just before the MLB shut down spring training.

Over the last two days the NFL has become the talk of sports, with contests from the majority of sports leagues wrapping up amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

One of the most asked questions ahead of the new season has now been answered: Tom Brady wouldn’t be returning to the New England Patriots for his 21st season in the NFL.

Brady posted the official statement to his Twitter and Instagram Tuesday morning. He said he is moving on and thanked everyone related to the organization — fans and staff alike.

It wasn’t long before rumors surfaced of Brady’s expected landing spot, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Brady is set to earn something in the area of $30 million per year with the deal being agreed on in principle.

He will find himself now with the quality passing targets that he lacked last year in New England.

Chris Godwin is coming off an exceptional season in which he finished with 1,333 yards and 86 receptions. There’s also Mike Evans who saw 19 fewer targets and still finished with 1,157 yards.

In New England, Brady had only one 1,000-yard receiver in Julian Edelman, who had 1,117 yards on 100 receptions. The team's other receivers all finished with under 400 yards, besides dual threat running back James White who had 645 yards and 72 receptions.

He has the receivers needed to have faith when it comes to 50/50 passes, and for the first time since Rob Gronkowski left New England, Brady will also have two quality tight ends rostered in O.J. Howard and Cameron Brate.

The Buccaneers were the best passing offense in the entire league last season averaging 302.8 yards per game.

It was a season in which Jameis Winston was the signal caller — the quarterback recently joined a class of his own becoming the first player to ever throw for more than 30 touchdowns and 30 interceptions in a single season. He also recently got Lasik eye surgery during the offseason.

A concern for Brady, however, will be whether the Buccaneers’ offensive line can protect him. The team allowed 47 sacks in 2019, a big differential than the 28 Brady faced in New England.

The team's lack of a running offense, and its tendency to employ an air raid offense could leave Brady out to dry when it comes to eating big hits.

If the Buccaneers beef up its offensive line, this could be Brady’s chance to showcase what magic he still has left at 42.

It’s hard to say whether the team will make the playoffs. However, I think at the very least Brady should help the Buccaneers to improve on last season's (7-9) record.

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