OCC Gamers Guild finds its new, temporary home on Twitch

The Gamers Guild at Orange Coast College hosted a League of Legends 1v1 invitational on April 17 that included a $100 prize pool.

A total of 17 players took part in the tournament, which was streamed on the club’s Twitch. Gamers Guild collaborated on the event with the esports clubs at Los Angeles Mission College and California State University, Northridge

Of the 17 players, four were members from the OCC guild, four were from LAMC, one was from CSUN, and eight were high school students who are members of the various clubs' Discord channels. 

There were enough spots for up to 54 players to take part, but only 17 signed up for the first invitational the guild has hosted. 

Viewership on Twitch peaked at 45 concurrent viewers during the matches and the stream amassed a total of 300 views. 

Casters from LAMC helped out with the first half of the tournament, which lasted just under five hours from start to finish.The second half’s commentary was provided by members of the guild. 

Besides the casters, there was no other commentary included, but that wasn’t by design.

Interviews with players involved in the tournament was something that the guild wanted to include. 

“I wanted to at least for the winner, but we couldn't set up a mic,” guild officer and tournament organizer Kevin Chavez said. 

Chavez, a 24-year-old business major, noted how much work went into setting up the event which he did over the course of three weeks.

The process included designing graphics and overlays, finding commentators and talking with ASOCC on how to run and organize the event. 

Carla Rivera, 18, another guild officer and nursing major, handled setting up the lobbies that were used for the matches. She managed to help the tournament run smoothly by having players queue up while the other matches were still in progress. 

The final match was a best-of-three, which saw two high school representatives take one another on. 

It was won by the tournament's standout player whose in game name was Vogazms. The path to the final was simple for Vogazms, who never dropped a match in the invitational. 

Throughout the tournament, there were a number of upsets, as is the nature of a bracket set up with multiple single-elimination matches. The matches were set up in a way that allowed players to take on opponents of similar skill in order to avoid one-sided blowouts since there were no skill requirements. 

In the future, the guild hopes to continue with these types of events and is in the works of potentially putting on a Super Smash Bros. tournament next. 

One difference the guild is hopeful will occur the next time they hold an event is that more players will be open to joining and competing for whatever prize pool is being offered. 

“Everyone had a lot of fun and it went smoothly,” Chavez said.

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