OCC falls to Miramar for second time in same week

OCC forward Aundrel Pua attacks the basket during Friday night’s game against Miramar.  

The Orange Coast College men’s basketball team continued its mini-series against the Miramar Jets with a 73-70 loss. 

The two teams went head-to-head on Tuesday night as well, and the game ended with a final score of 84-76 in favor of the Jets who came back from 12 points down to steal the victory.

The first half began with even play between both teams. Both the Jets and Pirates struggled to get the ball in the hoop early on with the score being 11-11 halfway through. However, OCC’s Aundrel Pua was dominant in the paint and was able to go four out of five from the field in the first half, putting up eight points. Pua’s offensive presence was matched by the Jets’ Jacob Doffing, who had the height advantage over the smaller Pirates lineup. Doffing put up 14 points and six rebounds in the first half. 

The final three minutes of the half was when Miramar pulled away, exposing the poor shooting of OCC who shot 9-26 from the field. At the end of the first, the Jets had a 31-23 lead.

At the beginning of the second half, OCC came out looking like a new team, with an emphasis on attacking the paint and attempting higher percentage shots. The Pirates’ Boogie Hall found his stride shooting and put on an impressive second-half performance, finishing the game with 19 points shooting 8-10 from the field. 

With the strong offensive showing from OCC, they were able to bring the game to an even score and eventually take the lead for a short period of time. Holding the lead, however, was the downfall of the Pirates. Doffing was unstoppable in the paint, finishing with 26 points and 12 rebounds. 

The final score of the game was 73-70 Miramar, despite the impressive offensive showing by the Pirates in the second half. 

“Just playing hard is the emphasis,” Orange Coast Coach Steve Spencer said. “We picked it up a little bit in the second half. We had more ball and player movement. We need to play with more energy and more effort.”

OCC’s next game is on Dec.15 against Santiago Canyon at home at 5 p.m. For a full breakdown of the games and stats, check out the athletics page.

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