Meet the Staff

Spring 2021 Staff

Editorial Board

Matthew Gomez
Editor in Chief
Matt is a second-year OCC student joining Coast Report for a third semester. The majority of his time is spent watching up-and-coming prospects across major sports or working at Starbucks. He plans to stay on the journalism route, and one day work a beat covering the minor leagues.

Nat Cardos
Features Editor
Nat is a second-year journalism student and hoping to be a music journalist sometime in the future. Music has taken up a lot of her life and is a huge passion. She’s currently in a band and some of her favorite genres include punk, SKA, and new wave, among others.

Oceana Christopher
Views Editor
Oceana is an avid reader and nature fanatic who is always seeking new ways to connect with the great outdoors. She grew up in both Maui and Los Angeles, traveling back and forth between both places throughout childhood. She loves exploring new neighborhoods, cities and countries and has worked as a flight attendant for the past ten years. She recently completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training program and is currently enrolled in the 200 hour program at Orange Coast College.

Sarah Guidroz
News Editor
Sarah is a returning college student originally from Texas, where she did not ride a horse to school. She is in her second semester at OCC studying journalism, political science and business. She hopes to transfer and graduate from a four-year school, then complete a dual journalism masters and JD in law program. When she is not doing school work, Sarah enjoys hanging out with her sidekick, a Belgian Malinois rescue named Lilah, eating unhealthy amounts of pizza and binge watching TV shows or movies. 
Jordan Noble
Arts + Culture Editor
Jordan is a second-semester journalism student. He spent the last six years managing restaurants in L.A. and Orange County. He is passionate about pizza, literature and politics. In his free time, Jordan enjoys hiking, surfing and riding motorcycles up and down the coast. 

Staff Writers and Reporters

Chris Bibona
Staff Writer
Chris is a first-year student at OCC, currently working toward a degree in journalism. He is a sports fanatic and co-host of Sports Sunday with Alex Crawford. He enjoys watching the Dodgers, as well as other LA teams on occasion. His goal is to become a sports commentator and/or analyst. He also has a love for philosophy. Authors like Dostoevsky, Camus, and Hemingway are all on his reading list.

 Candice Aguilera
Candice is a graduate of OCC returning to pursue a degree in journalism. In her free time she enjoys cosplay, traveling and being a foodie. She plans to finish her education remotely and work as a freelance videographer. She also has a degree in film and television and her dream career would involve video journalism or travel videography.
 Khalid Alsadek
Khalid Alsadek is a first-year OCC in his first semester at Coast Report. Originally from Baltimore, Maryland, he is a proud Ravens fan. Outside of Coast Report, he is on the OCC men's tennis team, runs his own brand and blog at The Dreamer's Alchemy, coaches tennis at Fountain Valley High School, and is the vice president of the ISOC MYG in Garden Grove.
 Maria Cerda
Maria Cerda is a second year college student at OCC who is currently earning her degree in journalism. She has always been passionate about helping humanity and hopes to do so by using her platform during her career. In her free time she is dedicated to staying in shape, is an avid reader, and loves to spend time with her loved ones. Maria sees herself as a humanitarian and animal advocate in her future.
 Tasmin "Taz" McGill
Taz is a first year Journalism student at Orange Coast College and this is her first semester on Coast Report. Her hobbies include listening to music, watching mid-2000s television shows, and traveling. In the future, Taz, sees herself hosting her own podcast. Her celebrity crush is John Oliver.

Taylor Mendiola
Taylor was born in Honolulu, Hawaiʻi and was raised on the island of O'ahu for most of his life. He moved to California in 2019 and transferred to Orange Coast College. Taylor is a second year journalism major and this is his first semester on the Coast Report staff. During his free time he loves to travel, care for his houseplants, meditating, and making art. Taylor is passionate about writing, the environment, the ocean, and biotechnology. Taylor plans to transfer to a Cal State University and will work towards a bachelors degree in broadcast journalism.

Madison Reed
Madison is a second year journalism major and this is her first semester on the Coast Report staff. Besides writing on her free time, she enjoys being in nature, drawing, and enlightening herself with a few podcasts along with discovering new music. As for her goals within journalism, she has hopes to one day cover overlooked or misunderstood global issues as a outlet to help the world, as well as be a voice for communities in need.
 Rosie Ruiz
Rosie is in her second year and last semester at OCC. Though she is not a journalism major, she has always been interested in journalism. During her free time she likes to workout, hike, and take lots of road trips. She is also a huge band junkie and loves discovering new music.
 Alexis Stagni
Alexis is a second-year student at OCC with a journalism major. He is passionate about soccer, swimming and motorsports. He enjoys watching any soccer game, as well as any motorsports races. His goal is to become a soccer commentator or be on a TV set to share commentary. He also loves history. 

Faculty and Staff

Dr. Jeremy Shermak
Faculty Advisor
Twitter: @JeremyShermak
Dr. Shermak is the faculty advisor to Coast Report and journalism instructor at Orange Coast College. He teaches News Writing and Reporting as well as Social Media for Print and Online Journalism. Dr. Shermak earned his Ph.D. in journalism from The University of Texas at Austin and previously studied journalism at the University of Missouri and Indiana University. He practiced journalism at the Harbor Country News (Mich.) and the South Bend Tribune (Ind.), working as a government/sports reporter as well as a photographer. He was as a managing editor at a market research firm and a media analyst at an internet analytics firm. When he is not in the newsroom, Dr. Shermak is either reading, watching or researching the news. He is a huge sports fan, especially baseball and his beloved Chicago Cubs.