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About Us

Coast Report is the official newspaper of Orange Coast College since 1948. Our mission is two-fold: 1) to teach students journalism and 2) to inform our campus community.

For student staff members, Coast Report allows you to understand the power of media and communication by publishing your work and receiving feedback from the public. It gives you a chance to showcase and hone your creative and communicative skills. You will develop reporting skills that include interviewing, verifying, corroborating, and decision making, as well as your rights and responsibilities as a journalist. You will gain valuable writing skills that will help you in any future professional, technical and vocational field, as well as those allied to journalism. This includes meeting deadlines by creating an organized and methodical approach to your work. This approach will allow you to be a valuable part of a team as both a contributor and leader. Overall, you will make a positive contribution to Orange Coast College by holding truth to power and playing a key role in the campus community.

For our audience, Coast Report is a news outlet that focuses primarily on the Orange Coast College community. It serves to unify the student body by appealing to its members’ common interests and concerns. It provides a forum for student expression and ideas that can be communicated and disseminated across multiple channels to a wide audience. We will serve our audience well by providing fair, well-rounded, unbiased coverage of the entire campus community, using the highest standards of journalistic writing and shared ethics. We aim to deepen understanding of our community’s issues by exploring them from a student perspective. All of these efforts allow our audience to be more knowledgeable participants and citizens of the Orange Coast College community.

For more information, contact faculty adviser Dr. Jeremy Shermak at