Brown Research Symposium holds design contest

Orange Coast College Honors Students’ work is being featured in the 2021 Giles T. Brown Research Symposium and at the UCI Community College Student Honors Research Conference.

The Giles T. Brown Student Project & Research Symposium is a virtual three-day event that began on March 17 when participants’ pre-recorded presentations were made available through the OCC Symposium website. 

“It is important to recognize that our new online format also perfectly reflects our shared OCC experience of the pandemic,” said Ulrike Green, OCC Social and Behavioral Science professor and committee chair. “Students and their mentors adapted to a virtual research environment in only two semesters”. 

Students will be going live and virtually answering questions from viewers following an introduction at 9 a.m. on Friday. An awards ceremony will follow at 2:30 p.m. 

“The part I look forward to the most is seeing the surprise and joy on the winners’ faces when their names are announced,” said Duy Pham, instructional assistant for Biology at OCC and symposium committee member. 

The symposium offers students a chance to share the work they’ve conducted either collaboratively with OCC faculty or independently. The honors students’ projects will consist of poster and oral presentations, along with exhibitions and performances related to their chosen research topic. 

The following OCC students (and their topics) will be participating in both this week’s symposium and the UCI Community College Honor Student symposium: 

  • Matthew (Matt) Sereno: “Race and Recollection”
  • Justin Yeo & Celine Tran: “Social Media Effects on Vaccination Attitudes and Action”
  • Luke Lyons: “Brains in a Dish: Cerebral Organoids as Models for Human Disease”
  • Kimiya Mansour: “How Sleep Deprivation Impacts the Glymphatic System”
  • Magdalena (Maggie) Polite: “Glycolic Acid in Skincare” 
  • Morgan Reyes:  “Median Arcuate Ligament Syndrome”
  • Jillian Paul: “Biochemistry of Endometriosis”
  • Thien Nguyen, Khanh Doan, Thanh Nguyen, Vy Le: “Factors in Preventing ADHD in Offspring”
  • Isabelle Phan: “Marijuana Exposure During Pregnancy”
  • Kaylan Billings: “Reviving Historical Methods of Paint-Making”

“We have 36 presentations this year and we are excited that this includes numerous exhibitions and performances in the visual and performing arts,” Green said.

All 14 OCC honors students listed above will also be showcasing their work in the 21st annual UCI Community College Honors Student Research Conference. The conference will be held virtually on March 26-27 and is free to attend.

The conference is separated into various sessions for both Friday and Saturday, and OCC participants are set to present as scheduled.  

According to the Honors Transfer Council of California website, those who present at the UCI conference will be eligible for publication in “Building Bridges” — a book of the students’ research — and monetary awards.

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