STEM Club hosting workshop for Project Raise research program

The STEM Club at Orange Coast College will be hosting an informational workshop Friday to prepare students to apply for Project RAISE, a summer research program at California State University, Fullerton. This internship will be for eight weeks during this upcoming summer. The workshop will be from 1-2 p.m., and any STEM majors are welcome to attend.  

“The project usually only takes around four students per school, but this year they have said that OCC is guaranteed five spots,” STEM Club Vice President Van Vu said.  

Only five spots are guaranteed, but up to eight OCC students have the opportunity to be accepted into the program.  

STEM Club President Truc Tran mentioned the idea to host a workshop, and Vu used his connections to the Cal State Fullerton staff to organize the event. 

“It’s a special event for me because I was a participant in Project RAISE, and now I am a leader for that project and my club,” Vu said. “It was a wonderful opportunity that I want to give to our club members as well.”   

César Montenegro, the Transition Coordinator of Project RAISE, will present all of the details about the program, how to apply and what to expect during the eight weeks. Students will get some tips about the interview process. Two past Project RAISE participants who are now UCLA students will be present at the event as well. 

Vu, who attended the internship last summer, recommends this opportunity to all STEM majors.   

“During that project, I was able to use the knowledge from my engineering graphics class at OCC to draw a design and to communicate with the machine in the Cal State Fullerton workshop,” Vu said. “It is an important opportunity because as community college students, we don’t have as many internships.”

This workshop is only one of many that the STEM Club has held this school year.  

“Until the end of the semester, we will hold more workshops that will benefit STEM students,” STEM Club President Truc Tran said.. “In spring 2022, we will also host hands-on workshops.”  

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