CCCD conference will focus on leadership, team building

The Coast Community College District will be holding its Student Leadership Conference on Feb. 26 via Zoom from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.. The conference will consist of multiple leadership workshops and feature former NFL star, Alex Molden, as the keynote speaker. 

Students must sign up through Associated Students Orange Coast College by Wednesday, Feb. 24 to receive the Zoom information and event schedule. 

The event is open to all students of Orange Coast College, Golden West College and Coastline College. The workshops aim to improve leadership and skills with topics such as “learn about leadership styles”, “understanding fear and failure”, and “how to overcome roadblocks in leadership.” The full program and workshop details will be available to attendees who sign up.

Each workshop will be approximately 15 minutes long. There will be six workshops in total that occur at three different hours. Each hour, participants will be able to choose from two options of workshops to attend via Zoom breakout rooms.

Keynote speaker, Alex Molden, is a former NFL star who will discuss how he turned his career around after learning leadership and team principles.

While this event is a CCCD event, the ASOCC has also launched a series of its own workshops.

“OCC is doing leadership workshops along with student success series workshops on note-taking, how to take tests, or how to study for exams along with working with the financial aid office to promote financial aid literacy,” said Julie Nyguen, student leadership coordinator at OCC.

ASOCC workshops will be held monthly with three happening in March. The events can help students increase their leadership skills on a personal level.

Due to positive student feedback and suggestions from the past semester, there will be more workshops at varying times this semester. 

“A lot of students enjoyed it,” Nguyen said.

More information on the Student Leadership Conference can be found on the ASOCC website, ASOCC’s Instagram, OCC Website, or by contacting Nguyen at

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