Crime Update

An auto theft was reported by Orange Coast College Public Safety at the OCC Swap Meet on Sunday. The stolen vehicle is a gold colored 2003 Chevrolet Tahoe and was taken from the Adams parking lot. OCC Public Safety has surveyed the area and was unable to locate the vehicle. 

“We do not have information on a possible suspect right now,” OCC Campus Safety Director Jim Rudy said.

Twelve auto thefts have occurred at OCC in the last two calendar years, according to Rudy, and there were four reported thefts of catalytic converters during the 2021-2022 academic year. The majority of these thefts typically occur on the weekends and are “most likely” committed by non-students, Rudy said. One obstacle in finding suspects for these crimes is the lack of parking lot security cameras. 

“We are working with our vendor to get cameras installed in these lots, which will provide us with a closer view of the area, and hopefully if we experience another theft we will have some evidence in regards to the video,” Rudy said. 

Students and faculty at OCC may be more at risk of auto theft depending on the type of car they own. 

“There appears to be a trend in that thieves are targeting primarily early 2000’s pick-up trucks, SUVs and Chevys,” Rudy said. “If you see something that looks out of place or suspicious, like someone walking in the parking lot checking door to door, contact us and report it.” 

OCC’s Public Safety Department can be contacted at (714) 432-5017 by anyone with information on this crime and to report suspicious activity. 

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