CCC Chancellor to recommend mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations after full FDA approval

California Community College Chancellor Eloy Ortiz Oakley told student journalists during a virtual press conference on May 6 that he would recommend state community college districts mandate the COVID-19 vaccine once it is fully approved and out of emergency use authorization. 

California Community College Chancellor Eloy Ortiz Oakley has accepted a temporary position in the Biden Administration, according to Board of Governors President Pamela Haynes. 

In his role in the Biden administration, Oakley will provide advice on higher education policy as special advisor to United States Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona.  

“Chancellor Oakley’s temporary assignment to work as a special advisor to Education Secretary Miguel Cardona is a win for California and the nation, providing more opportunity to improve higher education policy and help millions of American families,” Haynes said in a press release. “Answering this call to service is a recognition of work our system is leading.”

In a June press release, Cardona identified addressing inequalities that affect students in underserved communities across the country as one of the priorities of the Department of Education. This priority is shared by Oakley, who has been involved with programs such the Recovery with Equity Taskforce and Vision for Success since he began overseeing California Community Colleges in 2016. 

Oakley’s assignment with Cardona will begin on July 26. On the same day, Deputy Chancellor Daisy Gonzales will serve as acting chancellor until Oakley’s return in late fall. 

Gonzales has overseen operational and strategic policy planning for the Chancellor’s Office since 2017 and was named 2021 Woman of the Year by the California Legislative Women’s Caucus and will continue to advance programs like Vision for Success while filling in for Oakley.

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