Costa Mesa City Council District 2

The Costa Mesa City Council election will take place during the general municipal election on Nov. 3. The elected council members will serve a four-year term.

The following profiles highlight the background and qualifications of each candidate for Costa Mesa City Council District 2, as well as how their election may impact the Orange Coast College community. 

Candidate: Loren Gameros

Why are you running for this office?

“We love this city and we’re proud to have started our family here,” Gameros said. 

As a 40 year resident of Costa Mesa, Gameros aims to provide a strong, authentic voice standing up for working class families and residents on the City Council. 

“We’ve seen the need for a proactive, accountable local government through the current COVID-19 public health crisis and against the backdrop of a national government overrun with special interests,” Gameros said. 

What qualifies you for this office?

“I started my career in the 1980’s learning the value of hard work as a cabinetmaker and staircase builder at a local woodshop,” Gameros said.  

Gameros comes from a working class family, and has decades of experience. Loren believes “in the principles of honest work.”

Gameros’s plans include to help secure an economic comeback for local businesses, investing in infrastructure and promoting projects that bring good-paying jobs to Costa Mesa. 

Gameros has decades of experience in building trades through a 20-year career with the Operating Engineers Training Trust (OETT) Local 12 training workers for major projects across Southern California. 

Using this past experience allowed Loren to develop a hands-on approach to solving problems, vaulting him to become a mentor and role model in his trade. 

Why would an OCC student vote for you?

“My experience with the OETT includes 16 years as an accredited teacher through the Rio Hondo College and Santiago Canyon College career and technical education programs,” Gameros said. He’s used his career teaching the next general of building inspectors. Gameros currently serves as the Vice Chair for the Apprentice Coordinators Association of Southern California. 

Investing in the community, supporting first responders and maintaining a strong infrastructure and safe neighborhoods are among Gameros’ top priorities. He believes in the importance of building a strong workforce in the community. 

“It will be an honor to serve as your representative on the City Council and bring accountable representation to District 2,” Gamero said. 

How can I find more information about your candidacy?

Students can find more information about Gameros here.


Candidate:  Gary Parkin

Why are you running for this office?

“I will work to balance the needs of our residents through economic development and low density housing in certain areas and maintain a high quality of life for our citizens,” Parkin said.

Parkin wants to stand up to the politicians backed by the big political parties in the community. He is the only candidate from his district not backed by a major party. He wants to make decisions that are best for the city, not the parties.  

Parkin is also interested in cutting expenses for the city, spending less money and “focusing on taking care of people”. He would like to bring more businesses to Costa Mesa. 

What qualifies you for this office?

Parkin is a U.S. Army veteran and retired Aerospace and Automotive Manufacturing Engineer. In his 36 year career, he built radar, satellite systems and electric vehicles to help protect the country. As a result, Parkin has extensive experience working with union groups.

Parkin has been involved with several local committees, including currently serving as chair of the Costa Mesa Historical Preservation Committee for the past four years. 

“I have worked with many city directors to improve our projects including the historical markers, and recognizing businesses that have been in operation for 50 plus years, showing these businesses we appreciate them,” Parkin said. “The COVID-19 Pandemic has severely impacted local businesses, families incomes, and greatly impacted our city budget. I will work towards a fiscally responsible balanced budget and cut frivolous spending.”

Why would an OCC student vote for you?

“First of all, I am a veteran, with a college degree in Electrical Engineering,” Parkin said. “I am the only person in District 2 that has any work experience working with the City. Costa Mesa Senior Commission three years. I have worked with all the Department heads within the City.”

Parkin is passionate about fighting to fix problems in the community, and listen more to the people and their input into government. 

“My passion is in this city,” Parkin said. “I’ve lived here for 22 years.”

To OCC students, Parkin said “they need to vote! But look at all the people and what they have done, not what they say they can do.”

How can I find more information about your candidacy?

Students can find more information on Parkins here.


Candidate:  Ben Chapman

Why are you running for this office?

“My commitment is to lead collaboratively in a manner that improves the quality of life in this community,” Chapman said. “Gratefully, my family has made the decision to make Orange County my home and develop a deep commitment to the city.”

Chapman plans to use tax money responsibly, towards the highest priority issues faced by residents. He would like to start fixing the budget problem currently faced by the city. 

“Your safety and public services will suffer without good, new leadership,” Chapman said. 

What qualifies you for this office?

Chapman is an experienced professional with a degree in Communications.  He has 11 years of management experience, including senior living property management, giving him an understanding of the importance of  financial management. The child of immigrant families, Chapman understands hard work and embraces American values. 

He has been politically active and has served on several campaigns and grassroots organizations throughout Orange County, from State Senate, Congressional and City Council races.

“It gives me a strong sense of humility to run for City Council in our home, Costa Mesa, and it would be an honor to give back to our community,” Chapman said. “I am not a candidate that can be bought and paid for by these special interest groups.”

Why would an OCC student vote for you?

Chapman is an alumni of Orange Coast College, and believes education is the key to success. 

“13 years ago, my adult life began by attending Orange Coast College, where I studied Political Science, Business, Marketing, Public Speaking and Communications,” Chapman said. “Since moving to Orange County, I have been politically active, organizing groups from various backgrounds to work together for the better of, not only Costa Mesa, but its surrounding cities.” 

Chapman aims to leverage partnerships with schools to develop the skills for the workforce needed by the community, balance first responder resources with fiscal responsibility, enhance economic development and increase job opportunities for residents. 

“I pledge to be accessible to all constituents,” Chapman said. 

How can I find more information about your candidacy?

More information about Chapman can be found here.

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