The Harbour

Another resident at The Harbour, Orange Coast College’s on-campus housing complex, overdosed and survived after being revived by Costa Mesa Fire and Rescue on March 18. 

“The Costa Mesa Fire Department responded to an emergency call regarding an unresponsive resident at our community. First-responders successfully revived the individual, who is no longer enrolled as a student at Orange Coast College and who appeared to have ingested drugs,” The Harbour said in an email sent to residents on March 18.

The email, which was provided to Coast Report by The Harbour’s property management The Scion Group Senior Director Ray Tennison, also acknowledged the national opioid crisis and Orange County’s particular issues with substance abuse and overdose. 

“Although this incident did not pose a threat to others in the community, we share this information out of grave concern regarding the dangers of drugs generally,” the email said. “Nothing is more important to us than your safety and well-being.”

The email ended by reminding residents that The Harbour is a drug-free community, per their community policies and also OCC rules. 

“We will continue to act swiftly upon learning about any suspected presence of drugs in our community, including excluding anyone who violates these standards,” the email said. “We also maintain regular contact with both Orange Coast College and the Costa Mesa Police Department about specific cases and about safety generally.”

Jim Rudy, Director of Public Safety at OCC, confirmed there were two incidents involving the same non-student at The Harbour on March 18 and 19. Rudy referred to these incidents as a “medical emergency.” OCC Public Safety did not respond to either incident. 

Though this is not the first time Coast Report has heard reports of students overdosing and surviving at The Harbour, this is the first time an official of OCC, Costa Mesa or The Harbour have confirmed the occurrence of an overdose that didn’t end in death. 

According to Costa Mesa Fire Department incident records available online, there was a medical rescue at The Harbour on March 18 at shortly after 1 a.m., and another medical rescue on March 19 at 5:16 a.m. 

Coast Report also received reports from residents of another drug overdose on Feb. 14. The records from CMFD also confirm a visit shortly after midnight, in which paramedics found a female at the dorms, provided “advanced life support” and transported her to an unnamed hospital. 

The Harbour provided onsite counseling to residents the week of March 29, and also offered on-call counseling, including an option to stay anonymous, over the weekend. 

If any residents at The Harbour have information about any of these incidents, other incidents, or other related tips, please contact us at or 817-455-5310. 

Here is a list of more resources for Harbour residents or others that may be suffering from drug abuse:

  • The Harbour management office: (714) 643-5100
  • Orange Coast College Mental Health Counseling: (714) 432-6858 (call or text)
  • Orange Coast College Student Health Center: (714) 432-5808
  • Orange Coast College Public Safety: (714) 432-5555
  • Costa Mesa Police Department: (714) 754-5252
  • Orange County Narcotics Anonymous 24-hour helpline: (714) 590-2388

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