Black Student Success Week

Students and faculty at Orange Coast College and other California Community Colleges will be able to attend events for Black Student Success Week to learn about inequality in higher education, getting involved in advocacy and improving success amongst Black and African students, starting on April 26 and running through April 30. 

This year’s itinerary includes a webinar series called “The Black Hour.” The series, open to all California Community College students, faculty and staff, will offer approaches and insights on improving the success of Black and African students. Webinars will be held from 12:00 p.m-1:00 p.m daily. 

Events held by OCC Student Equity are only open to OCC students and faculty. Here’s the schedule for statewide and OCC events: 

Monday, April 26: “Follow the Money: Unapologetically Supporting Black Students”

This session will include a discussion about the latest report from Follow The Money, which is a nonprofit organization that provides free information on comprehensive campaign donors, lobbyists and other information from government agencies online. This report highlights the systematic underfunding Black students receive from the state, exacerbating inequality in higher education.  

Those interested can register for the event here.

Tuesday, April 27: “The ADT Journey for African American Students”

Tuesday’s session will feature a panel of California Community College students sharing their experiences in receiving an Associate’s Degree for Transfer (ADT), and the challenges and benefits of beginning their degree pathway at community college. 

Register here for this event. 

Tuesday, April 27: “Black Student Success Champions: Faculty Panel”

OCC Student Equity is hosting this event at 3:00 p.m., featuring OCC faculty. OCC students and faculty can join the panel here


Wednesday, April 28: “Equity and Black Representation in Higher Education Leadership”

This session will explore the inequality in higher education leadership; the systematic barriers and biases faced by Black leaders pursuing CEO-positions or higher in colleges; and how to get more Black, Indiginous and People of Color (BIPOC) college and university presidents. It will also feature a panel of CEOs sharing their journeys in getting to their current positions, discussing institutional bias and offering insights on how to change the system.  

Event registration can be found here

Wednesday, April 28: “Career Spotlight: Black Success in the Film Industry”

OCC Student Equity will be hosting this event for OCC students at 3:00 p.m. Join the event here


Thursday, April 29: “A Legislative Briefing: Actively Advocating for Black Students”

In a day of virtual advocacy, legislators and community college advocates will come together to speak about important legislation, learn to identify key bills and how to advocate for Black students. This session will also offer support and guidance for college advocacy efforts. 

The day of virtual advocacy is being hosted by College Campaign, a nonprofit organization who advocates for policies that benefit community college students, partner with students and organizations to speak at the state capitol to legislators and raise public awareness in California. 

Please register here. Those interested in this virtual advocacy day can also contact Katina Linden, Legislative Affairs Manager for College Campaign at for more information. 

Thursday, April 29: “My Success Dinner & Conversation” 

OCC Student Equity will also be hosting this dinner for students to discuss what success means to them at 5:00 p.m. on April 29. Participants will receive a food delivery gift card and OCC T-shirt. OCC students can register for this event here


Students can also contact OCC Student Equity Coordinator Maricela Sandoval at for more information. 

Friday, April 30: “The Cost of Freedom: Speaking Up to Diversify the Faculty Ranks”

This session will be presented by the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges to discuss how the “Black tax” is serving on committees to diversify faculty, and the challenges Black faculty undertake to ensure adequate representation in academia. Those interested can register for this session here.


To create a sense of community in these virtual times, OCC students can also post a message on the Black Student Success Week Wall here. The prompt is: What does SUCCESS mean to you?

For more information on Black Student Success Week and to pick up a T-shirt to celebrate this annual event, follow @cablackstudents on Twitter and Instagram.

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