Student launches campaign to inspire creatives

OCC student Jade Sta Ana has launched the Good Enough campaign for artists to have an accepting environment.

An Orange Coast College student has launched an online campaign dedicated to reminding creative people they are good enough.

Jade Sta Ana, a 21-year-old graphic design major, created the Good Enough campaign as a way for artists of every variety — who she calls creatives — to have an accepting environment.

Through social media posts, interviews and soon-to-released short videos, the Good Enough campaign is seeking to bring awareness to the issues that creatives face.

The feeling of not being good enough is prevalent among college students, especially among creatives whose success depends on their greatness, according to Sta Ana.

We often discourage ourselves from pursuing our creative callings but this movement provides inspiration and hope for those who have listened to their fears, Sta Ana said.

Sta Ana said she was raised by a single mother through an unstable childhood, where creativity was not as important as surviving.

She said she constantly felt she herself wasn’t good enough and only thought of being able to launch a campaign like Good Enough recently.

“I decided to take back my creativity and love of life,” Sta Ana said.

Sta Ana said her campaign is focused on creatives because of the specific roadblocks they face in their respective industries.

“Creatives deal with so many naysayers and self-doubt. Not feeling good enough is the root cause of a lot of people giving up on their dreams,” she said.

The movement uses pop-up events, podcasts and marketing tactics to spread its message.

On Sta Ana’s Instagram account for Good Enough, there is artwork left on street corners and stickers bearing the logo and message of the movement plastered around town.

Although she currently has a full-time job, is a full-time student and lives on her own, the Good Enough campaign is Sta Ana’s brainchild and though she receives no financial compensation she feels it is worth it.

“It is fulfilling to build a support network for people who find themselves in a similar situation to me,” Sta Ana said.

When researching the Good Enough campaign’s impact, Nicole Nunez, 26, a photography major at OCC, said the movement resonated with her.

“Not being good enough is what my anxiety feeds off and if I’m not actively trying to just focus on myself, my life and my reality, I get sucked into an overwhelming sense of what is this all for then,” Nunez said.

These thoughts that cripple creative process are exactly what the Good Enough campaign attempts to work through with creatives, according to Sta Ana.

At its core, Good Enough is passionate about the removal of the stigma that fame equals success and there is no other measure of success of self-worth for the artist, Sta Ana said.

Those who would like to learn more about the Good Enough campaign can follow along on multiple platforms.

The website is and can be followed on Instagram at @goodenoughcampaign.

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