OCC World Class

Orange Coast College’s Global Engagement Center has been offering courses tailored for new, first semester international students amidst the COVID-19 pandemic through its World Class program.

“When Covid-19 hit and we realized that many international students would not be able to travel to the U.S. and study with us at OCC, the Global Engagement Center team developed a plan to offer a 12 unit course load of appropriate classes primarily for international students who are not in the U.S,” said Nathan Jensen, Associate Dean of Global Engagement.

Since fall 2020, when the program started, there have been students enrolled from 36 countries, ranging from Argentina to Turkey to Sweden to Malaysia, according to Jensen.

The Spring 2021 Cohort includes courses in Sociology, Intercultural Communications, Cultural Anthropology, and Music from Bach to Rock.

While the program is all online, it will help international students prepare for in-person classes at OCC once campus reopens.

Hannah Haghighat, instructor for Communication Studies, taught Intercultural Communication for the World Class program in the fall semester.

“It has been a really fun program to be a part of,” she said. “Teaching intercultural communication to a group of international students has been such a cool experience! It is intercultural communication in action. I had the privilege of learning a lot from the students.”

Orange Coast College’s World Class program gives international students the opportunity to have a 12-unit schedule in accordance with the time zone of their respective countries.

“At OCC we greatly value our international students and this program was an effort to respond creatively under the circumstances to meet their needs,” Jensen said,

Students will also be able to interact with their classmates from various countries while fulfilling course requirements for graduating with an associate’s degree, as well as transferring to either a California State University or University of California institution.

To learn more about the World Class program, visit OCC World Class.

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