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Bright colors, like featured in this outfit, are perfect for this summer.


With the spring 2021 semester behind Orange Coast College students, summer is officially here. As the state edges close to being fully opened, finally everyone can discard the sweats they’ve been lounging in the past year, and start looking summer-ready fabulous. Before hitting the sun-soaked beach days, BBQs with friends, and summer festivals, learn how to look trendy and fierce from OCC’s own fashion experts. 

“We’re always looking at the next trends and figuring out what’s coming next,” said Fashion Styling Instructor Camilla Jimenez-Smith, who’s also involved with the OCC Fashion Club. In Jiminez-Smith’s class, students have spent the semester learning to style and execute photoshoots.

OCC’s Fashion Club and members of the Fashion Program have shared their forecast on the summer’s hottest styles for both the ladies and men of OCC. 

“This summer it’s all about the fun, bright colors, patterns, and cut outs. We are rising from the pandemic and more people are trying to replace their wardrobe with more unique and bright colors for the spring and summer,” Fashion Club Publicist Tien Nguyen said. “In addition, colors can trigger emotions, behavior, or make you react in a certain way. Hence, it is psychologically proven that wearing bright colors can make you more happy.”

According to the website VeryWellMind, color plays an important role in communicating information, influencing one’s moods and even the decisions made by individuals. In some cultures, colors have even been used for therapy in a practice called chromotherapy. It’s still used today as a holistic practice. In today’s treatments, blue is thought to soothe illness and alleviate pain, red is thought to give the body stimulation, and orange is used to heal the lungs. 

Malia Viloria, fashion merchandising student, agreed with Nguyen’s analysis. Viloria owns her own fashion brand called 712 Supply.

“Right now for summer, it’s about props or color. Pastels are really in,” Viloria said. “ [The] trend is leaning towards bright colors. They make you feel positive, which is what everyone really needs now.” 

Summer Fashion 2

A brightly-colored purse can serve as both a useful prop and a pop of color to complete any outfit.


Viloria suggested the colors lime green, pastel purple or blue and tie-dye as trends she’s been seeing a lot of. 

“It’s nice to add a little fun to your outfit,” she said. 

Summer Fashion 3

To mix up the look, one can also try adding these bright colors to your nails, like the case with these creative nails by Kathy Tran. 


According to Viloria, taking inspiration from vintage styles has also been a hot trend. 

“I’ve been seeing a transition of the ‘90s, ‘80s then a little ‘70s, but the biggest trends now are taking from the ‘90s and ‘80s,” Viloria said. 

Men can also play around with bright colors and patterns to create a vintage feel. Pair the look with a pair of Ray Bans or other retro-style sunglasses to bring the look home.  

Summer Fashion 4

John Henry photographed in Jazmin LeeAnn's shoot entitled "Mr. Manhattan." Styled and directed by Minh Vu.


For men or women that want to dive into the vintage feel but don’t know where to start, begin channeling your inner ’70s vibe by donning some bell bottom pants. This can be either dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. 

Summer Fashion 5

While colors are important for conveying moods and energy, the message people put on their body can be just as important!

Caitlyn ‘Cait’ Hicks, OCC Fashion Club president and fashion merchandising student, is choosing to put her focus on the message she’s conveying with her clothes this summer. Hicks also owns a small fashion brand named Badartz, where she designs graphics to put on clothes. Her new summer line that just got dropped is a line called “Don’t be an Asshole.”

“It’s so relevant for this day and age, with how everything is going – no matter what your views, the least anyone can do is not be an asshole,” Hicks said. 

Like many small fashion businesses, Hicks’ brand places importance on sustainability. Perhaps even more important than the color or messages one puts on their body this summer season is thinking twice about what materials they put on and how ethically they are produced. 

“Sustainability is a big thing being talked about in the industry,” fashion merchandising student Minh Vu said. 

Michelle Craner, who is currently acting as fashion program coordinator and advises the Fashion Club, agrees with Vu. 

“Consumers are finally sick of fast fashion, which is amazing,” Craner said. 

One way people can help keep this trend going, is by shopping at local businesses, or those owned by OCC Fashion students. 

During the school year, there are opportunities to buy clothes and accessories from these students and more at events hosted by the Fashion Program, such as The Box pop-up shop and pops-ups by the Coast Collective, a collaborative group of OCC student brands. Next fall as the campus begins to re-open, OCC students will have the chance to see the work their fellow students are doing and help fund scholarships for fashion students. 

“Support our students that have their own brand,” Jimenez said. 

For more information about the program and classes OCC’s Fashion Program offers, visit here

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