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Orange Coast College hosts a diverse variety of clubs, both big and small. As far as content creation goes, Christian Students at OCC set the bar for spreading their message to a public audience. 

“We are believers in Jesus Christ,” said Justin Yeo, president of Christian Students at OCC. “We are all from various backgrounds, but what we all have in common is that we all love God, we love his word.”

The club hosts both small and large group Bible studies every other week, as well as intercollegiate fellowship where they meet with other sister clubs around Southern California. 

In fall 2020, Christian Students at OCC began recording Project Gospel, an online catalog of Biblical analysis and discussion. 

“We started [Project Gospel] because it really went in line with one of our main goals which was to spread the Gospel,” Yeo said. “We take some material from Bibles for America, and go over different gospel lines, see things from different viewpoints, watch a video, and then discuss as a group.” 

Christian Students at OCC records and publishes Project Gospel to SoundCloud biweekly, with four club staff to help facilitate the club’s teachings, all of which are OCC alumni. 

“It’s probably the most exciting thing ever,” said Lauren Hiltbrunner-Johnson, a member of Christian Students at OCC. “Every other Saturday, I look forward to 7:30 with all my best friends. It’s really an eye-opening experience when you get to go in-depth about what God is trying to tell us. It makes His word so much more valuable.”

For Hiltbrunner-Johnson, the club helped solidify her faith after a rough stretch in her life.

“When I lost my grandmother, I became really angry with God; I was sad and upset, and it wasn’t until I was invited to Monday Bible studies that I was able to strengthen my relationship with God in ways that I never thought I could before,” Hiltbrunner-Johnson said.

Multiple members of the club emphasize that all are welcome at Christian Students at OCC.

“Do it, even if you’re scared that you might not know the right words to say, or have absolutely no knowledge of God, the Bible or Jesus, but there’s any amount of curiosity tapping on your heart, just know that God is reaching out to you saying you should come check it out,” Hiltbrunner-Johnson said.

Christian Students at OCC meet every other Thursday at 7:30 p.m., and Project Gospel is recorded every other Saturday at 7:30 as well.

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