Fashion Club goes into print

Members of the Fashion Club met recently to discuss the launch of a new, as yet unnamed, magazine.

The room is a vibrant mix of colors and style as everyone settles in their chairs.

From head to toe, originality bounces off the plain white walls.

Chatter gets louder as more people arrive and the room starts to fill. As seats become scarce, the diversity of everyone’s style become more noticeable — everything from up-style chic to everyday street style.

A woman in all black with a sprinkle of patterns and layered jewelry appears at the front of the room.

“Hello everybody and welcome to the Fashion Club’s first magazine meeting,” the club’s adviser Michelle Craner said.

Caitlyn Hicks, a 22-year-old fashion merchandising major and editor-in-chief of the fledgling publication, had the idea to create Orange Coast College’s first fashion magazine.

With the help of club president Jessica Iniguez, a 23-year-old fashion merchandising major, and vice president and Jennifer Valdivia, a 22-year-old fashion merchandising major, they plan to create a fashion magazine for the students by the students.

Hicks said she realized that OCC didn’t have a fashion magazine and saw an opportunity to create one. She added that she wants it to be different than the average fashion magazine that people see every day and include other interests and reach a wide range of people.

They hope to dive deeper than just fashion and incorporate art, music, culture and current events, Hicks said.

“To be in the fashion industry you have to be ahead of everyone else,” Hicks said. “You have to always be on the next big thing.”

Although the magazine will be primarily run by the students, Craner and two other faculty members, Laura Bonnell and Lauren Becker, will oversee and advise the publication.

“This is a great opportunity for students to not only express their creative side, but to also work in a professional setting and gain experience,” Craner said.

Even if people don’t know what they are passionate about, there are many job opportunities within the club that one can explore.

“There are a lot of interests and talents.” Craner said. “We need models, we need writers, we need photographers, we need graphic designers or maybe you can try something out of your comfort zone.”

The Fashion Club also promotes student companies by running ads through the magazine, making it more about the community and helping out student entrepreneurs.

The club meets the first and last Monday of every month in Consumer Sciences and Design room 204. All meetings are open to anyone interested in creating a fashion magazine.

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